Maid For Styles

This wasn't supposed to happen. Alisha was only supposed to be the maid. I had a girlfriend, but I wanted her -Harry Styles


3. Chapter THREE

Today was the official day of cleaning. I got out of bed, and put my hair up in a pony like yesterday. I then put on a sweatshirt, and some shorts. The weather had changed drastically since yesterday. It was chilly out.

I got in my car, and started it up. It sounded really weak. "come on, please" I begged. I turned the keys again. Finally, it started. I sighed with relief. I drove over to the boys house. When I got out, I groaned. The front yard was trashed. This was not a good sign.

I walked inside the house, to find two of the boys passed out in the living room. I was actually a little shocked. I didn't expect them to party that hard. I went to go into the kitchen, but the entrance way was blocked. Niall was sleeping there, with a girl next to him. I took a few steps back, and jumped over them. I stumbled into the kitchen. I heard something hit the counter. It was Harry, and he was naked.

"Oh my god, Styles!" I covered my eyes. I heard some shuffling around, and then he spoke.

"It's okay, I'm covered" I peeked through my fingers. He had a towel over himself. I put my hands down, and sighed. "You should really knock before you come in here" Harry joked. I rolled my eyes.

"Today is my work day, it's even on the fridge." I pointed to the sheet of paper. Harry shrugged. "What did you boys do last night? It's a total mess outside!" Harry looked alarmed. He rushed passed me. "Wait!" but it was too late, he tripped over Niall, and fell. I heard Niall groan. I giggled.

Harry stood up, and continued his way to the front door. When he looked outside, he hit the side of the door. "Shit" He whispered. He turned back to me. "I'm sorry Alisha. I didn't know we did that much last night. I apologize." I nodded my head to let him know that it was okay, and went to get a trash bag. When I walked back into the living room, Niall and that girl were gone, but Zayn was still on the couch, snoring.

I thought about it, and decided that I would go outside last. I started cleaning up the living room. There were so many cans and plated. it took at least 3 trash bags to clean it up. I opened the front door, and tried to carry out the trash bags. It wasn't working. I huffed. Then Harry came into the room, and picked them up.

"Thanks Styles" I said. He nodded, and walked out of the door.

I then went into the bathroom. That, was actually pretty clean. I scrubbed down the bath tub, and by the time I was done with that, my sweatshirt was soaked. I took it off, and threw it in the dryer. I was now just in a tank and shorts. I heard a whistle from behind me, to find Harry, with a cheeky smile forming. I rolled my eyes, and went up to him.

"Is everyone awake? I need to vacuum, and get laundry."

"Yep, everyone's up." Just then, the doorbell rang. Harry ran over to the door, and answered it. It was a girl. Harry hugged her, and kissed her on the lips. It must be his girlfriend. I felt the pit of my stomach drop.

You knew this would happen Alisha, don't seem surprised, I told myself. The girl was really pretty. Harry took her into the living room, and sat with her on the couch.

"Styles?" He looked up at me.

"I need to vacuum in here, and that couch. Could you please go into the other living room?" He nodded, and took the girls hand.

"Harry, who is this?" She asked. She gave me the Idon'tlikeheratall glare.

"Katrina, this is Alisha. She is our maid." I nodded, and waved the Windex that I had in my hand. She stood up, and took Harry into another room. Great. I already have one person hating me, and I haven't even been here for 24 hours.
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