Maid For Styles

This wasn't supposed to happen. Alisha was only supposed to be the maid. I had a girlfriend, but I wanted her -Harry Styles


6. Chapter SIX

Today was yet another day of cleaning. I got out of bed, and put on a pair of sweats, and a T shirt, in case the boys had partied outside again. I went outside to get into my car, but then I remembered. my car broke down at the house.

"Shit" I murmured. I guess I would have to walk. I went out of the driveway, and went on the sidewalk.

"Alisha!" I looked to where I heard a person calling my name. It was Katrina. "Need a ride?" She jingled a pair of keys. "I was just heading over to the boys house. It's no problem at all if you need one." She smiled.

"I guess you made up with Harry?" I called. She nodded her head. Her face was full of happiness.

"Yes! Now get in!" She opened the passengers door, and then went over to the drivers side.

Once we got in the car, Katrina started to blast some music. Cher Lloyd came on. Every time the yelling part came on, I did it with the music. I had Katrina almost swerving on the road from laughing. How did I go from this girl hating me, to giving me a ride, and laughing with me?

When we got to the house, I walked over to my car. It was cleaner, and had a note on the windshield. "Come on!" Katrina took my hand and dragged me inside. She plopped down on the couch, and turned on the TV. "Harry!" She called.

"I'll talk with you later, Katrina" She shook her head, and yelled for Styles again. I rolled my eyes, and went into the kitchen. Niall was in there eating some cereal.

"Hi Alisha" He said cheerfully.

"Hey Niall" I went into the fridge for a bottle of water. I shut the door, and then opened it again. I must have been seeing things. Almost everything I bought 2 days ago, was gone. "Oh my god" was all I could say. Niall laughed.

"Sorry, I got hungry" Niall scratched the back of his neck.

"I guess I'll go for groceries now then." I sighed. I wasn't planning on going to the supermarket today. I would have worn jeans if I did.

"I'll come with you if you want. Me and the boys don't have rehearsal until Five."

"Sure Niall, I could use the help. And you can tell me what you and the boys like to eat, and Don't"

"Well, there's not really a lot of stuff that I don't eat." I giggled. I then quickly cleaned up the kitchen, and me and Niall walked into the living room.

Harry was sitting with Katrina, and they were holding hands. He looked at me and Niall was we walked out the door. "Carrington!" I walked back into the room.


"Where are you and Niall going?" He glanced over at Niall, and then back to me.

"Why do you care?" I looked over at Katrina, who was watching Harry closely.

"I don't" He said slowly. "Have fun wherever you are going." He sat back further in the couch, and put an arm around Katrina, then kissed her. I quickly went out of the room, and shut the door. I was going to forget about Harry, and have some fun with Niall.
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