Maid For Styles

This wasn't supposed to happen. Alisha was only supposed to be the maid. I had a girlfriend, but I wanted her -Harry Styles


1. Chapter ONE

When I woke up this morning, I just laid there for a little while. I had to move today, to start my new job. I was going to be a maid.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you move to be a maid? I didn't think I would either, until they told me how much money they were offering. it was going to be $300,000. A year. I didn't believe them at first, but then they told me who I was going to be the maid of.

One Direction.

One of the biggest boy bands in the world at the moment. I said yes almost immediately, because I needed the money. I wanted to start my own business, a modeling agency

I finally got out of bed, and looked into the mirror. "You can do this Alisha" I said to myself. My mother always taught me that I ever feel like I can't do something, you have to speak it out loud, so you yourself can hear what you are trying to do.

I grabbed a hair tie and pulled my hair into a slick pony. My hair was naturally straight, so I often used this look. I put on a purple tank top, and jean shorts. It was nice and warm out today in London. I debated whether or not to put makeup on, but I decided not to. We were getting unusually hot weather today, so my makeup would just smear.

I walked out of my house, and looked at it one last time. I had so many memories here. It was where I grew up. I turned to see my uncle walking out of the house, with a sad look on his face. I walked over to him, and gave him a hug. "I'm going to miss you sweetheart" He told me.

"I'll miss you too" I whispered. I felt bad that I was leaving my uncle like this, alone. Ever since mom died 3 years ago, he has been a mess. It was his sister, after all. My dad, was out of the picture. He liked to drink a lot, and my uncle kicked him out of the house, about a year ago. I felt relieved when he was gone, because I was no longer getting hurt.

I finally let go, and started walking over to my car. "Alisha!!!" I turned my head to see my best friend Tristan, running at me. Her curls flew in the wind. Even though she was still a distance away, I could see her green eyes sparkle in the sunlight. I started running to her, and we both crashed into a hug.

"You didn't think you were going to leave without saying goodbye, did you?" She giggled.

"Of course not! I was going to stop at your place on the way!" I squealed. I had been best friends with this girl ever since we were 3 years old. We knew everything about each other.

"But I live 3 houses down!" That may have been the other reason we were so close. If we ever needed each other, we were a close distance away.

"You know how lazy I get" I answered.

"Then maybe being a MAID isn't the best job, A" She had been trying to talk me out of this for the past week, but I refused. I needed that money. I had to do this.

"I'll miss you Tristan" I said I quietly. We got silent for a moment, and then she pulled me into a tight hug.

"You just gotta promise me one thing" She said seriously. I looked her in the eyes and nodded.

"Whatever you say, you got it."

"Smack Louis in the ass for me." She winked. We both looked at each other, and then bursted out laughing. Tristan has been in love with Louis since forever. She was just like him. You could never be serious with her for long.

"I might get fired, but anything for you" I said sarcastically. She stuck her tongue out at me, and walked me over to my car.

I got in, and started to back out of the driveway. My uncle and Tristan waved from the porch. I waved back. "I can do this" I whispered into the mirror. "I have to"
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