That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



55. You Promise?

I felt the cloth fall from my hands as I stared at the scene before me. I was on a beach, and there was nobody around. I looked about, searching for Liam. I felt my stomach twist, worrying, but I shook it off. This is all probably part of his plan. He's hiding, and I'm going to find him. I stepped off of the little boardwalk I was standing on, and stepped into the sand. I looked down, making sure not to trip, and something caught my eye. It was a little notecard. I picked it up, smiling dumbly as I read his message.



Just follow the trail of notes,

I'm sure to be at the end of them,

Waiting for you.

Love always,



I held on to the notecard, now sweeping the ground with my eyes best I could with the dimming light. The sun was still not setting, but it was close. I spotted the next one, picking it up excitedly.



I'm glad you found this one.

I'd be pretty bummed if I got you lost.

Love you!



I placed it behind the other notecard and continued on my way. I found the next one, smiling again.



Do you remember the time when

You gave me those frozen quiches

for my arm, and Elle got beyond mad?



I picked up a few more, reading more and more memories of our seemingly busy four months. I picked up one after another, after walking for quite a while. I read the card I'd picked up, a smile bubbling up to my lips.



You've reached the end,

so I saved the best memory for last.

Do you remember when I ran into you at the airport?

I gave you my number, never expecting anything back.

But you don't disappoint.

I was stunned that such a beautiful girl,

Even accepted my apology.



Tears flooded my eyesight as I read the last card. I wiped them away hastily, smiling through my tears. I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and I turned to see Liam, his eyes filled with tears as well.

"Hey." I said stupidly, laughing at my dumb remark. He laughed a little too, grabbing my hands in his.

"Hi." He replied, smiling hugely.

I brought him into a hug, tears falling, but I didn't care. "This is... unbelievable, Liam. Thank you."

"Anything for you, Ames." He smiled. I smiled back, wiping my fallen tears with the back of my hand.

"I was stunned that you actually apologized." I said to Liam, referring to the last notecard. He shook his head, his hands still holding tightly onto mine, which made my heart leap with joy.


I shrugged, stroking his hand softly while staring into his brown eyes. Those heavenly, chocolate brown eyes that seemed to sweep across my face, those eyes that never stopped smiling, no matter what happened. No matter what trouble I'd put him through from these past months.

"Amelia, follow me." He murmured, tugging on my hands ever so softly, pulling me forward. Then, I noticed it. It was a little table, with a table cloth. The blue checkered tablecloth that we'd shared our first day out on. I smiled, feeling happy tears coming again.

"I'd remember this cloth anywhere." I smiled, walking to the table and stroking the tablecloth. I could even see a little chocolate stain from when Liam threw a muffin at me.

"Amelia, come here a second." Liam stood a little bit away from the table, looking up at me admiringly as I stepped over. He grabbed my hands, then reached into his pocket. I stopped breathing, my heart racing a million miles an hour. Oh my gosh. Oh, my, gosh.

He handed me the box, and I held it, my hands trembling. I opened it, revealing a golden band.

"It's a promise ring."

I looked up, my eyesight blurry from the tears.

"It's a promise that one day, you and I will marry, when we're absolute sure." He smiled, looking down at his feet in the sand. I was still quiet, my heart still pounding so hard that I was scared that he'd hear it.

"I mean, if you choose to accept it."

"Of course I accept it!" I burst out, lunging forward and hugging him tightly, the small box still in my hand. I let go, letting him take the ring and put it on my hand. It was nothing super extravagant, thank goodness, just a simple golden band with nothing else. I loved it.

"Shall we?" Liam laughed, taking my hand and pulling me to the table. I sat, still stunned by his gift.

We sat and ate the little meal he'd gotten for us, when I remembered the present I'd gotten him.

"I have a gift for you, Liam!" I said, reaching into my bag. I pulled out the keychain and the tickets, smiling sheepishly. "It's nothing compared to what you got me but..."

"I love it!" He replied, taking the keychain, then the tickets, holding it gingerly in his hand. He smiled and put the things in his pockets, then looked to me. "I didn't need anything. As long as you're here, I'm perfectly dandy."

"As am I." I smiled, remembering the song he'd sung me.

"Home is whenever I'm with you."

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