That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



74. What Are You Waiting For?

*Elle's POV*

As soon as the doctor stood up and walked to the door, a plan was formed in my head. I could easily sneak through the doors by sticking my foot in the doorway before the door closed. It's not like the receptionist would see, she was fast asleep with a magazine on her lap. I watched as he slid a plastic card into the device, and the door made a clicking noise. He pushed on it, and briskly walked through the doorway. My heart leapt as I felt a great adrenaline rush carrying me to the door. Before anybody could even react, I was at the door, holding it open.

I widened my eyes at everyone as I waited for them to come with me. Nobody made a move. Liam looked at me like I was crazy. I rolled my eyes and gestured into the hall. When he didn't stand, I sighed heavily.

"What are you waiting for, bastard?" I spat, my eyebrows raising to their full extent. He pondered for a moment, before leaping up. He was by my side, and I could see Niall shaking his head angrily.

"Well, we're not getting your bloody arses out of security. You'll hafta wait till we're ready." Niall warned. Meanwhile, Harry, Zayn, and Perrie stared at Liam and I like we were completely out of our minds.

"Your loss." I muttered back, pulling Liam inside, with the doors clicking shut behind us. I searched the walls for any sign pointing us to the CT scan room.

"We can't go into the CT room, Elle. We'd be in big trouble if we did that." Liam whispered, pointing at a sign that read the exact statement I was looking for. I frowned, crossing my arms.

"Then what do you suppose we do, smartass?" I shot back, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Let's go to her room."

"Do you know the room number?" I questioned, now that he had my full attention.

"Yeah. It's 26A. They told me when we arrived. It should be..." he looked around, nodding at something behind me. "That way."

I whipped around, spotting a giant 'A' on the wall. I walked down the corridor, trying not to have any attention brought to either of us. I spotted the 26 and pulled the door open. I froze where I was, not able to take another step closer. Liam pushed around me, gasping quietly to himself.

Amelia was lying right in front of us.

Liam made the first move, kneeling next to her bed. He grabbed her hand and kissed it, avoiding the tubes connected to her wrist. Her eyes were still closed, but color was returning to her features. A tan was spread to her arms and legs, a flush in her cheeks.

"Amelia." I murmured, my breath hot on my lips. I stepped into the room, closing the door silently. I stepped next to her bed, taking a sharp intake of breath when I saw bandages covering her abdomen. I shook my head of the thought of doctors cutting her open. Still, I shuddered as the thought left my mind.

"The bandages." Liam implied, and I was positive he was thinking the same thing I was. I nodded weakly, just noticing the tears pouring down my cheeks.

"What do we do if doctors come in?" Liam asked me, his eyes never leaving Amelia's hand. I thought for a bit, looking around the room. I spotted a bathroom.

"We can hide in the bathroom and have one of the boys or Perrie text us when we're actually allowed to be in here. They can say that we left for a bit or something." I brainstormed, Liam nodding at my plan. "Can you text one of them? I'm sure Niall wouldn't respond to mine."


He brought out his black iPhone and typed a text one-handed, so his grasp never left hers. He put it back in his pocket, then proceeded to stare at Amelia's closed eyes and slow breaths.

A little vibration was heard when he got a reply.

"Harry said he would. He also says that Niall's really pissed right now. He left the building, and they can't get a hold of him." He said, casting a worried glance at me.

"Dammit." I cursed, pulling my phone out of my pocket. I pressed Niall's contact on my phone, but only heard his voicemail tone.

"His phone's off." I shook my head. How foolish of me, to just brush my boyfriend off like that. I should've said something, but I didn't. I didn't think that he'd understand what I was going through. I just ignored him, and now I was getting a fucking silent treatment.

"I'm sorry, Elle." Liam said, his expression sympathetic. I almost cussed him out, but I took a deep breath when I thought about what he was going through. It was basically the same as what I was going through, and I really shouldn't make it any worse than it already is.

"Thanks," I replied, brushing a lock of messy blond hair out of my face. "I'm sorry for you too. I know how you feel, Liam. I really do."

He nodded, his eyes falling back down to Amelia. "I know you do."

We were silent, and not even a glance was shared between us for who knows how long. Then Liam got a text from Harry. He read it out loud in a monotone voice, his eyes wide.

"The doctor came back. He was gonna tell us news, but they want to wait for you two. Oh, and by the way, they're about to go check on Amelia. We'll hold them off for a while, but I can't promise even five minutes. Good luck."

Yeah. Good fuckin' luck to us, huh?

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