That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



57. We Just Arrived.

"What's going on today, honeybuns?" I asked Liam as I stepped into the kitchen. He was attempting to brew coffee, and failing miserably. He just shrugged, still concentrated on the task at hand.

"How do you put the coffee grinds in?" Liam asked, about to pour them into the pot. I shook my head, stepping forward before he messed up my coffee. Especially my special Kona coffee.

"You're so cute, Liam. Here, let me make it." I said, smiling and talking in a fake sympathetic way. He scrunched up his face and shook his head at me, handing me the pot and the coffee bag quickly. I proceeded in making the pot, fast and efficiently.

Liam stood amazed as I brushed off my hands and turned from the now brewing pot of coffee. "How do you know how to do that, Ames?"

I stood still a second, waiting to see if he was joking. He wasn't. "Honeybuns. I work at a coffee shop in London."

"I knew that."

I laughed, shaking my head before turning to the sink. I took off the ring, which I had remembered to put on, and washed my hands. I then put the ring back on, double checking that it was actually on my finger. As I said, no chances were being taken.

"Good morning, you two!" Harry said, walking out from his room, stretching. Liam and I said good morning, then the coffee maker beeped.

"Done!" I cried happily, racing to the pot and unhooking it, pouring myself a mug of the steamy, black, caffeinated drink. I walked to the fridge, thanking the house owners when I found flavored creamer inside. I poured some in, smiling when a cloud of white drifted through the coffee, creating a softer brown color.

I heard Liam chuckle, and I realized that he'd been looking at me as I obsessed over my coffee. "You're serious about your coffee, aren't you?"

"Yes I am." I said confidently, picking up the mug in my usual way, blowing on it, then taking a sip. "Mm."

Liam stepped out of the room a second, going to wake up the rest of the house. I noticed Harry, as he walked over to the coffee pot, staring incredulously at the black liquid.

"Do you want to try it?" I asked him. He turned to me, his green eyes wide. He thought for a while, turning to me, then the coffee, then to me again.

"Maybe a taste."

I smiled, pouring him a mug. I turned, reaching for the creamer, when I heard a sound of utter disgust from behind me. I turned, the creamer in hand, and spotted Harry with his tongue sticking out, the coffee mug in his hand. "That's bloody disgusting!"

I laughed hard, shaking my head at him. "That's black coffee, Harry. It's going to be bitter. That's why I add creamer, you dummy!" I snickered, handing him the creamer. He took it jerkily, rolling his eyes at me.

"You could've told me before I took a sip of tar." He muttered, pouring a large amount of the vanilla creamer into the mug. His statement just caused me to laugh harder, and I had to set my mug down before I dropped it out of my pure clumsiness. He raised the glass carefully to his lips, and I stopped laughing immediately. I held my breath as he took a sip, and he seemed to ponder the taste, then set down the cup, and thought a little more. When he finally decided, he smiled.

"I like it!" He quipped, smirking at me as I let out a breath.

"My coffee is always good! You get to try my delicious espresso's soon enough... They have an espresso machine!" I rambled excitedly, watching Liam as he walked out of Louis and Eleanor's room.

"Nobody is getting up." Liam sighed, shaking his head. Then, I had an idea. I gestured for Liam and Harry and told them the plan. They agreed, and began getting ready. Harry went back to his bedroom to pretend he was asleep. Liam and I went into the kitchen, and pretended to banter on about useless things.

"I'm going to turn on the radio." I decided loudly, winking at Liam. I pretended to turn on a radio, and Liam pretended to sing along to a fake song.

"Aloha ladies and gents! This is ALOHA 98.5 FM, and we're bringing you the top hits of today! But first, we have very important news, right Sandra?" Liam said in a radio-like voice, that sounded nothing like his own. Luckily for him and me, I was in drama for many years, so I could do this easily.

"That's right, Danny!" I said, thinking of the first name I could think of. "Attention everyone on the big island! There is an emergency evacuation right now! You may be able to hear the sirens..."

"This is not a drill! The volcano has shown some action!" Liam pronounced, smiling at me. And now it was Harry's turn.

"WEE-WOO!" A siren screamed through the house, coming from Harry's iPhone.

Harry yelled out from his room, his voice in a fake-panic. "It's the volcano sirens!"

"The volcanoes exploding! Everyone up-up-up! We need to evacuate now!" I screamed, sounding very realistic if I do say so myself.

"Oh my God!" Elle screeched, running out of the room she was staying in, Niall following in her footsteps. Both of their blue eyes were wide with fear. The siren noise kept blaring, causing everyone else to stumble out of their rooms in a frightened manner. I tried my best not to explode with laughter, but I wasn't the one to laugh first.

"Ha! We got you guys good!" Harry laughed, falling onto the ground and rolling around. Liam and I followed along with him, laughing hysterically. They looked confused for a moment, before realizing that Harry's iPhone had stopped ringing out that annoying siren.

Elle's face grew red as she realized what just happened. She was the first to speak."I'm going to personally cut each and every one of your-"

"That's not necessary!" I replied, still laughing my head off. Harry and Liam looked a bit scared for a moment, before giggling like carefree little schoolgirls once again.

"Well, now I'm up." Zayn sighed, plopping down onto the couch, with Perrie following after. They were the calmest. Louis and Elle were beyond pissed.

"I was catching up on beauty sleep!" Elle exclaimed, pacing around us as we still laughed.

"Me too!" Louis winked at us. He wasn't as mad as Elle, but he still wanted to burn our hair off. His words, not mine.

Elle just rolled her eyes, before stalking back into her bedroom, slamming the door. Louis shrugged and sat next to Eleanor and Niall on the couch.

"Who wants French toast!" I shouted, hopping up and racing into the kitchen. I heard choruses of screamed yes's, as I placed piles of them onto plates. I placed them onto the table with powdered sugar and maple syrup, straightening out the flower vase in the middle of the table. I poured cranberry juice into the glasses, then placed some fruit onto the plates. I smiled as I saw a steady stream of tired body's saunter into the room. They sat down and began to eat, as I sat down next to Liam. Elle stalked in, her hair a mess on top of her head. She had a blanket wrapped around her as she sat, shoveling food into her mouth.

"So what today?" Eleanor asked politely, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"I was thinking another beach. What do you think?" I replied, cutting my toast into perfect squares.

"Sounds good to me." Niall answered, eating about the same amount as Elle. I was just relieved Elle was eating.

"Do we still have sunscreen?" Elle asked, placing her fork down. She still had one toast on her plate. I scorned myself inside for counting her food. She's a grown woman, she can handle herself.

"Yeah, we do." I told her, smiling. She nodded, sensing that I was hiding something. Thank goodness she didn't know.

Liam cleared his throat at the awkward silence, smiling sadly at everyone. "Our trip here isn't going to last much longer. I'm sorry I'm the one to bring this up, but we need to start planning out our plane trip back to London."

I agreed, sadly thinking of dreary London. The colors weren't nearly as vibrant in London as here. At least it wasn't in Minnesota. That place was a dump compared to London, let alone Hawaii.

"Eleanor and I were thinking of going to Maui, if any of you wanted to tag along." Louis pointed out, hugging Eleanor closely to his side.

"I should go back, I still have my studies." I pointed out, sighing. Liam nodded. If I was going back, he was too. I knew that without him saying a thing.

"And my modeling company called and said I'd better be back in my vacation timeframe. Which in reality is in two more weeks." Elle said, shrugging. Obviously, Niall was going to stick with her, but it looked like Eleanor and Louis got some alone time in Maui, because even Zayn, Perrie, and Harry stepped out.

"I want to visit my mummy." Harry said, and then smiled cheekily at Louis. "Although, some alone time with my Boo Bear would be delightful."

"That it would, my dear Haz." Louis nodded, smirking back.

Looked like the majority of us would be returning home in just a few days.

And to think, it felt like we had just arrived here.

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