That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



76. Visitor.

*Liam's POV*

"We are just now allowing visitors, so if any of you would like to go back there, we have a three person at a time limit. Anybody willing?" Dr. Hatfield informed us, beaming down at me immediately. Of course I was to go first, even though I had literally just seen her. I tried to smile to my best ability, but it still faltered. I was suddenly afraid to see her, since I now knew what was going on, or at least, partially. Yet, I still stood to follow the doctor to the room. I didn't pay attention to who else followed, but I guessed that one of them was Elle.

The doctor began to speak, his shoes clicking lightly on the linoleum floor. "She is in room 26B-"

"A. 26A." I corrected, immediately shunning myself. Hopefully he wouldn't suspect anything.

"Ah, yes, thank you for correcting me! Almost went down the wrong hall!" He chuckled, turning on his heel into the A corridor. I heard a little laugh from behind me, which I detected as Harry. I heard an accompanied laugh, who seemed to be Zayn, which surprised me. I tilted my head a little to see them behind me, staring at the back of my head. I smiled lightly, nodding my head. Both of them immediately began to walk next to me, punching my arm in greeting.

"Where's Elle?" I questioned casually, looking back to the doctor, who was opening Amelia's hospital room door.

"She's out looking for Niall." Zayn replied, holding the door open for Harry and I. I felt worried, thinking about Niall, all alone out there. He doesn't know his way around this part of London, does he? It's more of the outskirts of the city, not the actual city.

"He still hasn't contacted anybody?" I asked, stepping into the room. Harry just shook his head no. I sighed, pulling my phone out of my pocket. I dialed his number, trying to find a reply. I was surprised to find that it had a ringtone instead of taking me straight to his voicemail.

"C'mon Niall, c'mon..." I muttered, kneeling next to Amelia's bed. I grabbed her hand as I continued listening to my phone. Harry and Zayn looked at me hopefully. The voicemail sounded.

"Nothing." I whispered. They both looked down, upset. We all were upset by his unsettling disappearance. Who knows how he was going to act out there, especially in his state of anger. He was really furious last I saw.

"Niall's calling me!" Harry exclaimed, looking up at us in surprise.

"Answer it!" Zayn responded, smiling. Harry nodded, suddenly remembering that the phone was ringing in his hand. He answered it, then put it on speaker phone, so we all could hear.

"Niall! Where are you?" Harry asked, his eyebrows creasing in the middle, in that curious-worried way.

"Doesn't matter. I'll be back soon. I've gotten about 30 missed calls, figured I should get back soon!" He muttered, still sounding a bit upset.

"Elle is really worried about you..." Zayn offered, looking up to me and shrugging his shoulders. Harry looked a bit afraid for a second, but when Niall answered, he looked relieved.

"Tell her I'll be back soon. See you guys later."

And with that, he hung up.

"Well that was a bit sudden, now wasn't it?" Zayn joked, winking at me. I smiled, nodding back. I was just relieved that he'd somehow gotten a hold of us, instead of ignoring us. I began to dial Elle's number, to tell her that Niall was coming back and that she could go on and head back to the hospital.

The phone rang, and she picked up on the third ring. "Something up?"

"No, everything's fine with Amelia. Just wanted to tell you that Niall's on his way back."

She was quiet for a long while, and I swear I heard faint sniffling coming from the other end. "You alright, Elle?"

She made a strange noise, like she was clearing her throat, and answered. "I-I'm fine. I'll see you in a few minut-" She was cut off by someone speaking to her. I couldn't quite make out the words, but it sounded like he was upset. She yelled back, but she must've had the phone pressed up against something, because it was quite muffled.

Then she just hung up.

I stared at my phone, confused. "That was..." I searched for the right word, not exactly finding it. "Odd."

"What happened?"

I shrugged. "No idea."

Then my phone rang again. It was from an unknown number, one that I'd never heard of or even seen before. I cautiously pressed the answer button, calling out gently. "Hello?"

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