That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



66. Sea Foam.

Today was the day. The day that we left paradise. I stood staring dreamily out the window of the house one last time as everyone seemed to move around me in sync, hustling and bustling around to pack as quickly as possible. I had my bag already in hand, packed up and ready to go. I felt sadness coursing through me as I watched the last bag being drug out. Liam walked over to me and handed me the empty bamboo vase sadly, his smile not quite believable. Neither of us wanted to go back to London. But I knew that he'd tell me what's up as soon as we were back, so a little part of me was happy. The huge fraction of my existence, however, strived to stay in Hawaii until I was old so I could sit on a swinging bench on a porch with my significant other, and we watched the sunsets and palm trees like a cute elderly couple would...

"Do you have a good hold on that?" Liam's voice catapulted me back to the real world harshly as I glanced down at my hands. My fingers were curled lightly onto the vase as Liam held it carefully to me. His eyes were playful as he searched my face. I smiled sheepishly and grasped it tighter, taking it closer to my body.

"Thanks." I smiled, gesturing to the backyard. "I'm really going to miss this view."

Liam only nodded, sighing as he leaned up next to me. I inhaled the last smell of flowers as Elle shut the window carefully. She glanced at us and smiled, her hands wrapping around her body. She left the room quietly, barely making any noise at all. Soon enough, Liam and I were the only ones left inside, staring out the window.

Eleanor and Louis had already left for Maui, leaving Harry, Zayn, Niall, Elle, Perrie, Liam, and I all here to go on back to London. Everyone but me seemed pretty excited to go, although Liam seemed pretty hesitant. I was pretty sure I knew the reason why.

"I guess we should go, shouldn't we?" I looked up to Liam, who in turn looked down at me. He kissed my forehead tenderly as he sighed again.

"I suppose."

I placed the vase into my suitcase and grabbed the handle. Liam's hand enclosed my other hand tightly as he followed me out. I didn't take one glance back, afraid that I'd end up making us late for our flight. I stepped into the car, sitting in the back with Liam. I was not trusted to drive anymore since my earlier 'incident'.

"You all ready?" Niall called back, smiling. There were a few lame calls of no specific reaction, as Niall pouted and turned back around. "You guys are just party poopers."

"I'm ready!" Perrie said loudly, grinning at Zayn, who nodded along with her.

Harry seemed to agree as well. "I'm ready to go home and sleep in my own bed!"

"I miss my bed." Niall sighed, leaning back in the passenger seat. Elle grabbed his hand and squeezed it, her hand only momentarily leaving the steering wheel. I leaned back in the seat and stared out the window, watching the trees whisk by. I spotted a few pieces of fruit on the ground, as they seemed to show up just about everywhere.

"If I were a homeless person, I'd want to live here, in Hawaii. There's literally food on every street corner. I'd be food-rich." I blurted out, facing the front once again.

"How true!" Niall nodded, grinning at me with wide eyes. "I'd eat off the street corners even if I wasn't homeless!"

"That's not unsanitary at all." Zayn muttered, his eyes flickering to the window and back to us. Niall just rolled his eyes jokingly and turned back to the front.

"Please tell me that large building is not the airport." I sighed, staring at the familiar building ahead of us.

"Oh yeah, that place with the airplanes is most definitely not the airport." Harry said sarcastically. "It's obviously a Kentucky Fried Chicken."

"Have you even been to KFC?" I asked, smiling at him. He shook his head enthusiastically. He seemed proud of the fact that he'd never been to a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

"Have you?" Liam asked me, staring quizzically at me. I shook my head. I never liked the idea of slimy, fried, greasy chicken. Regular grilled chicken was satisfactory for me.

"And we've arrived." Elle said, sounding resigned as she took the keys out of the car. The rental company was coming to pick the car up in a few minutes, so we were free to leave it in the busy parking lot.

"Here we go." Liam took a deep breath and grinned at me, grasping my hand tightly as we walked along the sidewalk. We trailed behind Perrie and Zayn, who were whispering quietly amongst themselves. Perrie laughed quietly as Zayn told some kind of unheard joke, as I watched. I looked down at my toes, wishing sea foam was pouring over them once again.

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