That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



72. Painstakingly.

*Elle's POV*

I sped into the hospital waiting room, my heart pounding from all the running I had been doing. I'd ran to the taxi as soon as we were off the plane, I ran from the taxi, into the hospital, and here I was again, running through the halls and pushing open the waiting room door. I took a quick look around the room, spotting Liam, fast asleep in one of the plush chairs. I sped-walked over to him, shaking his shoulder to wake him up rudely.

"Where is she?" I spat at him. His eyes squinted in confusion for a second, before settling on me. His eyes widened as he peeked at something behind me. He took a deep breath, like he was shocked.

"It's midnight!" He squeaked, pointing at the object behind me. It was a wall clock, and, as he said, the minute hand clicked right past the big, black twelve. I nodded, sighing heavily as he avoided my question. It was urgent, and needed to be answered. Now.

"Answer the question."

He sighed, searching around the room. I was guessing he was looking for Niall, who was currently on his way through the halls, after I'd pushed him out of the way. I felt bad, but I needed to go as fast as I could, and he was restricting me from doing so. I heard the door squeak open as someone walked in.

"Hey, Li-Li!" Harry smiled. I turned, rolling my eyes and collapsing in a chair. "I heard that Eleanor and Lou were on their way back from Maui already! I think their flight left three hours ago." Zayn and Perrie followed behind.

I ignored Harry as I made Liam's attention come back to me. "Answer. The. Damn. Question."

"I don't bloody know!" He yelled back, stirring uneasiness throughout the entire room. Of course, that moment was exactly when Niall burst through the door.

"Elle!" He said, shaking his head angrily. "You can't just do that!"

I shrugged. "We were late here. The traffic sucked."

"You pushed me into a table, Ellie."

"Coulda done worse." I replied, crossing my legs. He turned around, shaking his head angrily as he sat down in a chair across the room from me. I ignored him. My leg swung up and down as we waited.

Waited for what? That was the question surging through me. Waiting for answers, I suppose. Guess we all just wanted some answers. I took a look around the room, spotting the doors which I guessed Amelia was somewhere inside. I read the labels on the door, then turned to the group.

"What does 'A & E' mean?" I asked, referring to the huge letters on the door, and on the sign beside the door.

"It means Accident and Emergency." Zayn replied, jerking his chin to another side on the front desk, which actually read Accident and Emergency. I let out a subtle 'oh' as I turned away once more.

"What do they call A&E in America?" Harry questioned me, tilting his head.

"We just call it the ER." I responded, flicking my hair out of the way. I went on with my explanation as I received a few odd looks from the British ones in the room, since Niall just looked sulkily at the wall with his arms crossed. "It stands for Emergency Room. Duh. Much easier than Accident and Emergency."

"That's what you think." Perrie joked, smiling a bit at me. I let a little smile spill through my lips as I nodded.

"Liam Payne?" A doctor pushed open the swinging doors that had  'A & E' printed on it. We all sat up straighter. "And... company."

"How are you all today?" He asked, sitting in the chair beside me. I let out a hard breath at his strange way of telling us about Amelia.

"Good, I mean, considering." Zayn answered for us all. Liam just looked at the ground like a grumpy child.

"Ah, yes. Considering." The doctor smiled, tapping his clipboard repeatedly. I watched his fingers go up and down, constantly wishing he'd quit.

"Sooooo...?" Harry asked, drawing the 'o' out nice and long.

"We do need to discuss a few things," The doctor said, painstakingly taking his time.

"Shall we begin?"

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