That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



43. Nani Kōkī

"Babe. Wake up. We're almost there."

His lips brushed against my forehead, which was resting on his shoulder. I opened my eyes to his smiling face, and I smiled back.

"How long did I sleep?" I asked, sitting up and stretching slightly.

"Just for a few hours. It's not like you missed anything."

I laughed, picking up my purse. "Hopefully I didn't leave you completely bored."

"Eh, not really. I slept myself actually." He shrugged, picking up his own bag.

"We are now beginning our descent. Thank you for flying British Airways."

I shivered in excitement as the plane began to curve downwards, as we rapidly flew through the fluffy white clouds. Then, I saw the island, the dried black lava covering the ground. I could see sandy white shores and the turquoise water hitting the sand. I leaned over Liam, placing my face as close to the window as I could. I could see trees covering almost every inch of the shore.

"Liam, look!" I said happily, pointing out a gigantic whale surfacing from the ocean. He grinned, his face squished next to mine.

The plane began to lower even more as we reached the stretch of concrete. As the wheels reached the landing, the plane shook a bit before beginning to slow down. Then, eventually we reached a stop.

"Welcome to the United States, everybody! Aloha, and we hope you enjoy Kona, Hawaii! Please let first class off first, then coach may begin to leave."

Ukulele music filled the cabins, creating an even more Hawaiian feel. I unbuckled, standing up. My legs tingled, and my hands stretched above my head.

"Ugh, I don't think I could stand another ten minutes of sitting down." I complained.

"Whatever, Ames!" Liam scoffed, smiling. He reached up and grabbed my carryon bag, placing it skillfully onto the seat. He reached up again and grabbed his own brown carryon bag. I pulled up the handle on mine and set it on the ground, waiting patiently for my turn to walk down the airplane aisle. People streamed by, and I finally found an opening.

I cut in, Liam right behind me. I walked forward, getting off of the plane and into the outdoor airport. The air smelled like flowers, which I inhaled deeply. The moist air pressed around me, and I enjoyed the warmth.

"Oh my goodness. We're in Hawaii." I breathed, my mouth gaping at the palm trees. Liam ushered me forward, and into the cabana-like airport.

"This is such a strange airport!" Liam remarked, looking up. I agreed. The place was nearly wall-less, and the ceilings were tall and made of some type of branch, or maybe bamboo. There was a small sign with the name of the airport; Kona International Airport. We walked into some type of courtyard, our suitcases rolling over the sidewalks. There was a statue in the middle with three hula girls dancing. They had flowing dresses, headbands, bracelets and anklets. It was an amazing statue, and many people were taking pictures next to it.

"Now we wait for a taxi cab." Liam sighed, walking to the front of the airport. We sat on a bench, surrounded my people rushing around. Finally a yellow cab halted next to us. We stood up and placed our bags in the back. Liam opened to cab door, and I hopped in.

"Where to?" The man asked, his back turned to us. I looked to Liam, who was smiling.

He leaned forward and whispered something to the cab driver, who nodded and began to drive.

I looked questioningly at him. "Where are we going?" I whispered. He winked back.

"It's a surprise."

"No!" I groaned, leaning into him. He laughed back, rolling his eyes.

"Deal with it! It won't be long."

"I'm just worried that this is like some evil plan of yours, and you're going to murder me as soon as you get the chance." I joked, grinning goofily at him.

"How do you know I'm not?" He grinned back, his brown eyes crinkling. I gasped, my hand flying to my mouth overdramatically.

"No!" I joked again, struggling to hold back a smile.

"Or.. maybe you're the killer!" He shot back, his smile even bigger.

"Me? A killer? Why, I'd never!" I said, using a fake Southern accent.

The car rushed down the road, and a few raindrops fell from the sky. I looked at the temperature, which was a perfect 80 degrees Fahrenheit. What strange weather Hawaii had.

"I can't translate Celsius from Fahrenheit!" Liam muttered, looking at the temperature gage.

"I can!" I said happily. "It's um... like 26 degrees Celsius." I translated, smiling smugly.

"Smarty pants." Liam murmured, jabbing me softly with his elbow.

"I'm not just a smarty pants.. I'm Miss Know-It-All!" I cried, fanning myself like I was a famous actress.

"But you didn't know all of the islands." He stated.

"Neither did you!" I said back, trying to think of a better comeback, and quickly.

"But.. uh.. I'm British!" He whined, frowning at me.

"Fine, fine, you win."

"Again," He corrected. "I win again."

"Oh shush!" I laughed.

The car took a sudden turn down a road, which winded precariously side to side. We passed houses left and right, with palm trees, mango trees, pineapple plants, and hibiscus. I looked out the window, searching for our destination.

"Here we are!" The cab driver called. The cab turned down a paved driveway, turning slightly before I saw where we were going.

"Oh!" I gasped, taking in the sight. It was a little house, with plants surrounding the doorways and walkways. It made up of a light brown wood, some painted a dazzling turquoise. It had a little sign which read, 'Nani Kōkī'.

"What does that sign mean?" I wondered, pointing at the sign.

"It means supremely beautiful." The cab driver responded. "Most rental houses like this one have a name."

"You rented a house?" I said, astonished. He nodded his head sheepishly, opening the door to let us out.

"It's amazing!" I exclaimed, breathing out a sigh of amazement.

"I'm glad you like it." He replied, handing my bag to me. I took it, my eyes still on the house. The cab driver was paid and he left, leaving Liam and I standing on the pavement.

"You want to go in?" He chuckled, gesturing to the door. I nodded, forcing myself to not to run to the door. Or to not throw myself into Liam's arms.

"It must've been so expensive." I sighed, waiting for him to unlock the door. He looked up, shaking his head.

"You know that doesn't matter to me."

"It bothers me. It's like I'm living through you. I feel terrible." I shook my head. "But let's not think about that. Let's enjoy our time in Hawaii."

He opened the door, revealing a glowing room. There was a small kitchen with a framed photo of Hawaii. Across from that was a table, with large windows next to it. There was a sliding glass door leading outside. There was another small house across from it, along with a pool and an ocean view. There was a porch swing as well, right outside the window. There were a palm trees surrounding the bright green lawn, as well as one next to the cement patio. Next to the kitchen was the living room, with two couches and a T.V. One wall was completely made out of black rock, which I guessed was lava rock. In the middle of the lava rock wall was a picture of Pele, the goddess who controlled the volcanoes on the islands of Hawaii.

Right beside the living room was a small hallway which led to a bathroom and three more bedrooms. The whole time we were searching the house, we were both silent, me gaping at the beauty of it. It wasn't super extravagant, more cozy and home-like. I loved it.

"Liam, I love it!"

"There's one more surprise," He said mysteriously. I glanced at him, confused. I turned around, looking for the next surprise. What could it be?

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