That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



36. Movie Day.

The bags underneath my eyes were huge and droopy, as I looked in the mirror. I tried to figure out how to cover them, blending concealer onto the dark circles. I groaned in defeat as I finished smearing the cold, peachy liquid onto my skin. Those damn things weren't going anywhere.

"What's got your panties in a twist this morning?" Elle snorted, shoveling cereal into her mouth. She had to wake as early as me, now that she had a job.

"First of all ugh, that is a disgusting saying. And secondly, do you see my face?"

All she did was nod in return, still scooping the cereal, smacking her lips loudly. I continued applying my makeup, my mascara brush going up and down. I made another weird face as my brush blackened and lengthened my eyelashes.

"You are such a dweeb." Elle said, rolling her eyes and walking out of the bathroom. I stopped the face I was making and frowned a bit, then continued on with some of my chap stick. I smiled at my reflection, content with my baggy eyes, for now. Today was a good day, mostly because it was Friday, and there was no school; it was a teacher work day.

I stepped into the kitchen and popped a bagel into the toaster, bringing some cream cheese from the fridge out onto the counter. As the bagel popped out, I jumped a bit. I always jumped at the sound of a toaster. I carefully brought my food out and spread cream cheese on swiftly. I took a bite, just as my phone buzzed.

From: Liam To: Amelia

Do you want to hang today? I promise I won't forget you! (;

I smiled, and agreed. We decided on his place again, and I finished off my bagel. I went to the closet and pulled out my tote, and filled it with my phone, some money just in case, a raincoat, umbrella, some trail mix (you never know!), and a movie, which Liam insisted I bring over. I chose The Notebook, because it was my very favorite movie, and Liam never specified what movie exactly he wanted. So it looks like he was good with watching a chick flick with me, since he never told me otherwise.

I walked briskly through the streets, avoiding people with cameras. I had gotten mostly used to them, but they still bothered me, making me look twice in every direction. I mostly hated the flashes, since they nearly blinded me every single time they took a picture. I eventually made it to Liam's, with my eyesight still intact. I waved to the security, who stood there for what seemed like almost 24/7. He smiled back, his usually mean face looking nice and happy. I felt bad, knowing they had to do stuff like this all of the time. Did he have a wife? Kids? When did he get the time to ever see them?

"Hey, Ames!" Liam called, rushing over and kissing me. I dropped the bag, grinning with my arms opened wide. "Hello!"

"What are you so giddy for?" Liam wondered, hugging me and smiling. I shrugged as he put me down, and I bent over and opened my tote.

"Did you pick out a movie?" I asked casually, searching for The Notebook. I bit my lip to hide my smile.

"Nah, I decided to wait. Did you bring one?"

I nodded, head bouncing up and down. "I bet you'll looooove my choice!"

He looked suspiciously into my bag, his eyes curious and wandering. He laughed, shaking his head slightly, and led me into his living room. I carried my bag, almost giggling at the hidden joke that he didn't know about. Yet. I kept my mouth shut, and sat down gracefully onto the couch.

"I get my cast off next week." I said happily, eyeing the huge box-like structure connected to my foot. I frowned at it, and looked at the signatures on it. Many fans had asked to sign the cast, mostly with hearts, stars, smiley faces and their name, and maybe the occasional Twitter name. I twisted it to the side, as far as I could, and read the messages they wrote.

Get Better Soon, Dearie! ~ Isabella (@isabellaheartsu2)

Lamelia 4ever ~Shauna

Hayne? I think yes! -- Molly Anne (@mollyannestyles)

I couldn't decide which I liked better; 'Lamelia' or 'Hayne'. I knew that they had ship names, and I didn't hear of ours until my cast was decorated with various shipping. Lamelia was obviously 'Liam' and 'Amelia'. Hayne was of course 'Harding' and 'Payne'. But there were others as well. 'Ameiam' was a rare one, but was used. 'Parding' was not as common, either. I didn't know there were so many possibilities!

"Hey, babe?" I called out, glancing up from the cast. Liam looked up from the mess of his DVD player, which he was trying to figure out. He looked up and smiled. "Yeah?"

"I was just wondering, which ship name do you like best?"

He pondered it a minute, untangling a wire absentmindedly. "I'm not sure. Maybe Hayne? That one sounds normal. Well kind of."

I nodded, agreeing with that one. "Yeah. Touché."

"Touché? What does that even mean?" Liam asked, laughing. I shook my head, surprised. I thought everyone knew that word. Except Jake. He thought I had called him a 'douche'. Which explains him perfectly anyways.

"You don't know? It means something along the lines of true that, or something." I explained.

"Oh. Okay, I didn't get that at all. People kept saying it, but it made no sense. What's with the sudden interest in shipping names?"

"Just looking at my cast, and all of the sweet messages they wrote." I smiled.

He nodded, setting another wire to the side. "They are usually nice, and if not, they usually mean well."

"I know." I said it softly, running my fingers over the DVD case of The Notebook. The DVD player was set back, and Liam and I watched hopefully as he pressed the open button. We let out cheers of happiness as it slid open. I handed the CD to Liam, who looked up to me with large eyes.

"Are you joking?"

I laughed, letting out all of the laughs I had been holding in before. I nodded frantically, giving him a thumbs up as he reluctantly popped it in.

We sat back, me cuddled into his arms. I smiled at the cute parts, as the movie began. Liam was silent, looking down at me. I stared up at him as the movie got to the part where Allie left, and he looked very confused. His eyes were on the screen as Allie ran back to her car, looking out, looking for Noah.

"What is it?" I asked, my attention now to him. He glanced down at me, realizing he had been frowning.

"It's just that... how does this work out? How can she leave?"

I smiled, knowing he was actually interested into the movie. I shrugged. "I've watched this already. I'm not telling you anything!"

We kept watching, my eyes tearing up when I knew what was coming. Liam didn't seem to notice, yet he did gasp when Allie got engaged.

"NO! But-but, Noah loves her! Doesn't she love him? She needs to go back for him! They need to! C'mon, what is this?" He sounded so confused, but I wasn't about to tell him the rest of the movie. I knew what happened, but he didn't know what secrets were still not told. I laughed silently to himself, in his concern for the characters well-being.

From that last outburst of his until the end, Liam was silent, and as was I. At the end, I looked up at Liam, who's eyes were glued to the screen, and I swear I saw a tear.

"We've got a softy here, now don't we?" I joked, smiling as he looked down at me.

"No! Most definitely not! I am as manly as ever!"

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