That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



58. Losing It.

"I'm gonna miss this so much." I sighed, basking in the hot sun. The sand felt scorching beneath my feet as I flipped over on my towel. I could already see a deep tan forming on my skin.

"Me too." Eleanor replied, smiling sadly at me. Us girls were at the beach together, while the guys decided to go check out some car thing or something. We didn't really pay attention, we were too busy getting ready for the beach day. We had decided to go to Makalawena Beach. It looked like it was going to be a girls day out.

"Do you want to go shopping later?" Perrie asked, shading her eyes from the blinding sun with her hand. I nodded, looking at Elle and Eleanor.

"Yes please." Elle said, nodding. "I need to get some shopping in before we get back to London."

We laid back a while longer, letting the hot sun tan us a little longer. At this beach, there was practically no one crowding us, except one family with two little girls, a little boy, and a mom and a dad. One of the girls recognized us and asked for a picture and stuff, which was super cute. She introduced herself, Molly, and her older sister, Janie, and her older brother, Marcus. Janie and Molly were very excited to meet us, while Marcus seemed much more shy. He had to be about nine, while Janie was seven and Molly was six. Apparently, according to their parents, Marcus was the one of the biggest fans of One Direction, which I found quite simply adorable. His favorite was Louis, so Eleanor sent a text to Louis, telling him so. So they got on Facetime and she introduced Marcus to him. Marcus was mind blown. It was hilarious to see Janie and Molly's reactions as well.

"Mm, we better go before it gets too late." Eleanor pointed out, glancing at her phone. I took a peek as well, discovering that it was already noon.

"Let's get lunch as well." I said, standing up. I picked up my towel and carefully shook it out, trying not to spray everyone with a shower of grainy, white sand. Unfortunately, I did not succeed at all.

"Amelia! You just pelted me with sand! EW! Some of it's in my mouth!" Elle shouted, spitting frantically everywhere. She glared at me, her mouth in a pout. I apologized with a shrug, hiding a smile. Elle just stomped away in the direction of the car.

"Guess we should follow her." Perrie smiled, picking up her bag and walking up the beach. Eleanor and I followed behind, casually talking within ourselves. Elle stood next to the car, her arms crossed.

"It's locked." She spat out, looking at her pink toenails. I smirked, taking the keys out of my brand new purse I'd gotten at the farmers market. It was a teal colored cross body with gold detailing. It was much different than my little brown one.

"Didn't think that through, huh?" I winked, smiling. She just rolled her eyes, but I could see a hint of a smile on her face. Eleanor just grinned at both of us, taking Perrie's arm and dragging her inside. I hopped in the drivers seat, Elle in the passenger seat, and went on our way to downtown Kona. Since there were no shopping malls on this island, we'd have to settle for many of the touristy shops in Kona. Plus, the scenic town was amazing in itself. There were knobby trees growing everywhere, on every street corner, and lots of little shops that sold mostly the same things. All sold Hawaii sweatshirts, shirts, hats, cups, magnets, and more. But the most sold thing in Kona was the Hawaiian flowered button up shirts. It was crazy how touristy they made you, and it was amazing how many people actually believed that Hawaiian people wore them. You could tell who was a local, and who was a tourist.

"Look at these ugly shirts!" Elle whispered to me, pointing at one of the button-ups. I nodded, my eyes wide. Eleanor came up from behind, staring innocently at the shirts, Her eyes widened as she stared down the row.

"They come in 4 times extra-large!" She exclaimed loudly, laughing. I shushed her, pointing at a heavy man walking in the store. We quickly sidestepped out of the way when he came near, pretending to look at some necklaces. He looked through the Hawaiian shirts, picking the 4 times extra-large. He smiled, satisfied, and went to the cashier and bought it. We stayed silent until he was out of earshot, and we burst into laughter.

"He actually bought one!" Perrie said, giggling.

I took a deep breath between fits of laughter, enabling myself to speak. "I can't believe he thought it was actually attractive!" I began laughing once again, my mouth hanging open.

We ended our day out with only a few articles of clothing. I only got a tank top and a sundress, and the other girls got only a few things. I walked to the car, and suddenly my mind went blank.

"You okay, Amelia?" Elle came up behind me, making me jump. I had stopped walking, staring at the car in confusion. I knew I was in Hawaii, but something seemed off.

"I-I, I think I just forgot something." I stammered, my hands trembling. Elle grabbed the keys, ushering me into the passenger seat. I buckled myself in, clutching the seat hard. Elle told Eleanor and Perrie what was going on, and they immediately reassured me it'd be okay. It was just a little short term memory loss, I'd remember soon enough.

"Are you sure?" I was doubting myself right now, let alone them.

"Call Liam." Eleanor ordered, grasping my shoulder tightly. I nodded, and reached for my purse. All I saw was a teal one. But that wasn't mine.

I searched frantically for it, my heart pounding. "I can't find my purse! I think I left it somewhere!" I cried, grabbing my arms super tight. Elle looked over at me, her eyes wide. She reached slowly down and handed me the teal one.

"This isn't mine." I said plainly, grabbing it anyways.

"Yes, Amelia. It is." Elle replied, staring straight ahead at the road. Her hands clenched the wheel.

I paused. I couldn't remember receiving or buying it at all. I reached inside, my hands still shaking. I found my phone, worrying my further. I couldn't do it. I couldn't call him.

"I-I can't call him." I whispered, the phone hanging limply in my shaking hand. Perrie grabbed it from me, dialing quickly. I tried to block out her panicked voice, tried to block out Liam's worried reply. It would get better, it had to. I can't just lose my memory again, can I?

"We're almost back." Elle said, turning the wheel sharply. I remembered the way, faintly. See, I wasn't completely memory-less.

"Do you remember this?" Eleanor asked patiently, pointing at the house upcoming. I nodded, unable to speak.

They all sighed in relief. I guess I would've too, I hadn't lost everything.

Well, I hadn't lost everything yet.

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