That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



70. How Could You?

*Elle's POV*

"I have news for you, Liam Payne."

What the fuck is it with doctors? Do they all want to secretly become anchormen on a news broadcasting system or something? Am I oblivious to this fact or something? Because I'm sure getting that job would be a hell of a lot easier than getting a job as a doctor. I mean, damn!

I purposefully blocked out the doctors words, afraid of what he'd say. I felt like my body was shrinking, turning into a raisin before the entire airplane cabin's eyes. I wanted to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and watch Tangled with Amelia, like we used to, before any of this even happened. Before fucking Jacob had to come and mess it all up.

If Jacob hadn't come and taken her into his ugly grasp, Amelia would be back home in Lilydale, Minnesota, with me by her side. We would be doing what BFF's do, painting each other's nails, watching TV, gossiping. And maybe even talking about celebrities, but not actually being celebrities. Oh, no, that was much different. Now we had access to all of it, to all the hurt and pain that celebrities go through everyday because of girls like me. Amelia was scared to reach out to them. And now one of them was her boyfriend.

I was watching the doctors lips move as Niall grasped onto my arm, his hold tight. I looked over, confused by his sudden movement. He was looking down at me like he was afraid. I zoned back into what the doctor was saying to figure out what just happened.

"The problem, is that the airport is not very close to a hospital..." My mind blanked out as I realized what he was saying. Amelia was leaving me. She was just going away, and she wasn't going to come back. How? Why? Why would she do that to me? I could see Liam's speaking back, wiping tears from his eyes. Amelia isn't coming back, is she?

I can't believe she'd do that to me!

I froze when I realized the words came out of my mouth, and then was petrified to hear the racking sobs pouring out of my body in a very ugly manner. I felt Niall's arms wrap around me gently, and I could see his lips pursed in such a way that I guessed he shushing me, nicely. I held my breath, forcing myself to stop. I had to, for Amelia.

I heard Amelia's last words before she... slept. It was to Liam. I guess she made him promise something. But he didn't even give her time to talk to me, her best friend in the entire world. And now our last exchanged words between me and her were something along the lines of me being angry at her. Then before that, me telling her to die. I was a terrible, horrid friend. Nobody does that to someone, especially if they are lying practically on their death bed. But I'd done it. I'd told her to die, or more specifically, 'Fine, die.' Which was much, much worse. It sounded like I wouldn't even care if she died.

But right now, I was experiencing loss and grief, and she hadn't even died yet.

The word yet made me cringe, thinking of the possibilities of 'yet', or what was to come.

Amelia could wake up in that 'yet', and she could be completely back to normal. Or, she could forget everything, and not even know her own name. Or, she could just forget a little bit, and remember it later on like she did last time.

But there was another side to the yet, but I would much prefer the first. Amelia could be taken away from me. I couldn't let that happen, I had to help her in some way, shape, or form. I just didn't know how to yet.

All I could do right now was try to keep quiet and not look at her pale, fragile, limp body just sitting in that seat. I couldn't bear to see Liam crying his eyes out over her, his tears dropping onto her paper-thin skin that had been sun-kissed just a day ago.

And I had to do it for another hour and a half.

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