That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



22. Homeward

"So, Amelia Harding, you have been admitted at this hospital for a while now, so we are now getting you cleared to leave." The doctor said, handing Elle a piece of paper.

"Go to the pharmacy and get this prescription. It should help with any pain."

Elle nodded, and gripped the bed frame. "She gets to go today then?"

The doctor nodded, then said "You should show her pictures, if there is any, and try to show her places that could jog her memory. It will help loads, even if it doesn't look like it."

Later on, the nurses helped me into the wheelchair, which I was not looking forward to having.

"You won't have to use it often, only if your arm hurts. Your arm is looking much better. We can give you crutches as well."

I agreed, not wanting to be wheeled around all of the time. The cuts and bruises on my face were much better, only a few scabs. My parents had been calling nonstop, in which they almost flew over. I resisted, however, saying I was in good hands. They paid the bill, which I was grateful for. I didn't have that kind of money. Liam had offered to pay, but I turned him down, it didn't feel right. I felt I barely knew the guy, even though he acted like we had such a history. It made me feel sad.

"Let's go! Watch out bitches, Elle and Ami coming through!" Elle said, laughing hysterically. She pushed me through the lobby quickly, zooming past a stunned looking Liam, Niall, and Harry.

"Elle!" Liam called, running after her. All I could do was laugh, as we went through the automatic doors and into the Britain air. I breathed it in deeply, feeling much better. The air was chilly, but felt good.

"Elle, what are you doing?" It was Zayn, who was waiting at a car, it's doors open.

"Oh, you know, just pushing Ami. Dude, wheelchairs are amazing!" Zayn just laughed and shook his head, then took my hand and helped me into the car.

"Thanks," I said thankfully, settling into the passenger seat. I pulled the seatbelt and buckled in. Liam settled into the drivers seat, grabbing the wheel.

"Everyone ready?" Elle said excitedly, grinning.

"Why are you so excited?" I laughed, Niall laughing along. She just shook her head, pretending to zip her lips shut. I pulled my comfy sweater over my fingers, feeling better. I looked out the window, looking at the scenery. Most were just buildings, but they were all stunning.

"How are you feeling, Amelia?" Liam asked, smiling.

"Fine. It feels great to be out in the sun again. Even if it is only about 50 out." I said, grinning. He chuckled, turning the radio on.

"Ooh! I love this song!" Elle shrieked, her arm shooting forward and turning it up. It was 'Stubborn Love' by The Lumineers.

"I like this song too." I said happily, settling into a comfy position, or as comfy as I could with a cast on my leg.

We pulled up to the apartment building, something that was cloudy in my mind. I looked up at the building, not surprised that it looked old and maybe not-so-nice.

"Welcome home!" Elle said, opening my door. Liam came around and took my hand in his. I winced as I sat in the chair, my leg not feeling great.

"You okay?" Harry asked, stepping out of the car. I nodded.

"Best I can do with this leg! Man, I sure was stupid!" I giggled, surprised. Giggling must be something I forgot as well.

We went inside the building, and I groaned as the elevator opened. It looked rickety and unsafe. I probably never used it.

"We can't really roll you up the stairs, darlin'." Niall joked. Elle stepped in, and Liam followed, leaving Harry, Niall, and Zayn standing outside.

"We'll walk up." Zayn said, waving as the doors slid closed. Elle pressed the button and the elevator lurched upwards, along with my stomach.

"I hate elevators." I grumbled, knowing I was stuck with it for a few more weeks. Elle just rolled her eyes and leaned back on the wall.

"Just enjoy the ride, sweetums." She said sarcastically. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. Liam stood silently, rocking slowly back and forth on his heels.

Finally, after the terrifying elevator ride, the doors squealed open. I was rolled into the apartment, and sat next to the couch.

"Ahh, good to be home!" Elle said, draping herself over the bed. Niall, Harry and Zayn burst through the doors next, smiling huge.

"We got a surprise." Niall said, eyebrows wiggling. I cocked my head slightly, before Louis, Perrie Edwards, and Eleanor Calder jumped through the door.

"Hello, dear!" Eleanor said in a sing-song voice. "How are you?"

I was stunned, and definitely star-struck. I knew these people?

"We brought pictures!" Louis said, holding a bundle of papers and magazines. "You know, to jog that memory of yours!"

I nodded, wheeling myself to the table where he set them all down. I spread them out, looking intently at the pictures.


Does Liam Payne Have A Sweetheart?

Only Gossip can have info like this!

Liam Payne, of One Direction, was spotted with a girl! Whoa, we know!

Is she who we think she is? Guess we'll see!
Remember, Gossip has it first!


Following the article was a picture of me and Liam leaving some type of restaurant. It looked so familiar, just beyond my reach. I was determined to remember, so I kept searching.

I looked through pile after pile, smiling at the cute pictures of Liam and I in the rain.

"Do you remember?" Liam asked quietly, hopefully. I turned slowly, gazing up at him.

"I --"



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