That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



51. Home.

I rounded the car up the driveway at 5:00, which seemed like a great time to me. Everyone else except Liam and I had fallen asleep, which didn't surprise me. The jet lag was hitting all of us pretty hard. I turned to Liam and smiled, but he was opening the door so his head wasn't even facing me. I frowned, and turned to the back and shook Harry's and Louis' leg.

"Wake up. We're back." I whispered, and their heads lolled forward, their eyes opening. They nodded and woke everyone else up. I hopped out of the car, grabbing my purse. I walked into the open doorway. I set my bag on the counter, inspecting the little snow globe of the volcano Liam had bought for me. I had gotten him a pack of cards, since I was determined to teach him how to play my three favorite card games; Rummy, speed, and B.S.

I heard a door close behind me as I set the snow globe back down, then I walked out the door and into the room Liam and I shared. Liam was nowhere in sight. I sighed, kicking off my shoes and sitting on the bed. The pool sounded fantastic right now.

"Hey, Ames!" Liam called, running into the room. His eyes were wide with excitement.

"Hm?" I said, absentmindedly scrolling through my Twitter. All the tweets I got these days were asking for follows from either me, the boys, or even sometimes Elle. Her modeling career was going off to a great start.

"We're all going for dinner!" He sang, sitting beside me on the bed and staring at my phone.

I came across a rude comment as I was scrolling through, so I exited the app and hoped Liam hadn't seen.

"What was that?" His voice was careful, like he didn't want me to burst with hysterical tears.

"Twitter." Not like I was lying. I was still upset with him anyways, for being a grump in the car. What was his problem anyways?

"What did it say?"

"I don't know." I mumbled, tossing my phone to the side. I picked at my light mint finger nail polish, cursing myself internally. I really didn't feel like explaining to Liam all of the hate I still received.

"Then you wouldn't mind if I just turned on my Twitter and searched for it, now would you?"

"No!" I said, too quickly.

He paused, his hand hovering over his phone. "Mm, alright then."

"It's not that bad." I huffed, crossing my arms.

"It's not bloody bad? Really?"

"It's not!" I protested, my eyes widening.

"Why are you lying to me?" His voice was sharp as he stood up. I stood up as well, my mouth widening.

"I can handle it myself!"

He shook his head, turning around with his hands laid on the backside of his head. He turned back around, his eyes closed. "I don't want you to think you have to go through this all alone."

"It doesn't matter!" I cried, my hands flopping into the air. "It's going to go on and on about how I'm so ugly, fat, I'm a bitch, or even that I'm just a slut that wants fame!"

"You know that's not true." Liam said quietly, his hands running through his hair.

"But it doesn't make me feel that great."

"Of course not," He said, grabbing my arm. "But it's how they cope with things. They think they can do anything through the internet, without it hurting anyone. Well, obviously, that's not true, because you're here, and I can tell you're hurt. And I'm hurting knowing I'm the reason. It's all my fault." There were tears in his eyes as he stroked my arm, and I shook my head.

"No, no. That's not true. I'm already messed up." He pulled me into a hug, his arms enveloping me tightly.

"You're not messed up."

"Yes I am-"

"No, no you aren't! You're perfect, in every way. Trust me." His hand pointed my face up so that I was looking straight into the chocolaty brown eyes I had fallen in love with.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, too."

We stood like that for a while, until we decided we needed to leave for dinner. I got myself ready, redoing my ruined makeup and my tearstained cheeks. But it was better now, I felt so much better.

"Hey, you two ready to get goin'?" Niall's voice rang from outside, his blonde hair visible from the chair as his head popped into the room.

"I'm done." I said back, walking out of the bathroom. Liam stood by Niall, as they talked. Their voices were hushed, then they stopped talking altogether as I walked into the room.

"Okay, then we can go now." Niall said quickly, smiling a little. He walked out, and Liam turned and gestured to the door.

"Shall we?"

"What were you talking about?" I wondered, walking out the door behind Liam.

"Nothing really, just where we should go." He replied, walking right beside me. I didn't believe him, but I wasn't about to question him. Well, not yet.

We made it to the restaurant, which was just a small little place that was quite touristy. I asked the workers where some cool places to visit were, and they suggested some places. They mostly told us some beaches that were, and I quote, 'gnarly', that we should check out. So I already knew where we were going the next day. It was a beach called Magic Sands, due to the fact that the sand there would move into the sea at high tide, then come back later on.

When we finished up our dinner, we made our way back to the house. Everyone said goodnight, because we were all exhausted. Liam and I crept into bed, and I was almost asleep when Liam spoke.

"I heard the perfect song today."

"Hmm? What song?" I mumbled, tilting my head up to look at him.

He started to sing it, his voice sounding lovely. He started at the chorus, his voice taking the notes easily, like there was nothing to it.

"Ah, Home,

Let me come home.

Home is whenever I'm with you.

Home is whenever I'm with you.

Ah, Home,

Let me come home.

Home is whenever I'm with you.

Home is whenever I'm with you.

Ah, Home

Yes I am home.

Home is when I'm alone with you."

I could feel myself drifting off into sleep as he hummed the last few notes, and I could feel a smile on my face as I finally fell asleep, those words replaying in my mind.

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