That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



4. Getting The Word Out

"So, are you thinking about getting a job anytime soon?" Liam asked me over speaker phone. I held up my pale pink nail polish and began to apply it to my toes.

"Yeah, and I have to get my license and begin school. Plus I'm going to try out for the soc- oh excuse me, football team." I said, laughing. Earlier on, Liam corrected me when I said soccer. I forgot it wasn't soccer here. It was football.

"Ah, yes. Well me and the boys have to go to the studio, so you can get one today, right? It is Sunday, so you have time, yeah?" He replied

I wiggled my toes, trying to see if the color looked good with my olive skin tone.

"I suppose you're right. Damn it!" I squeaked out.

"What is it?" he asked worriedly.

"Oh, it's nothing." Actually, it was a BIG something. I'd forgotten to call my best friend, Elle. She was going to be so pissed.

"You sure?"

"Positive. I'm gonna have to let you go. Good luck today!" I smiled. We said our goodbyes and I quickly dialed Elle's number. Instead of a peaceful "Hello" or "How are you?" I got a

"So you call me now, beeyotch."

"Nice to hear from you too, darlin'!" I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I set my phone down and put it on speaker phone again. I grabbed a pale blue nail polish and began to color my fingernails.

"Eh, I don't think we feel the same." She said back.

"Guess what?" I said excitedly.

"Let me guess; You saw a guy with a turtleneck and you freaked?" She sneered. I loved turtlenecks. No idea why.

"No, way better than that!" I whispered.

"Why are we whispering?" she mumbled back.

"Guess who bumped into me at the airport?"

She sighed and replied "I'm done with guessing. It hurts my pretty little head."

I snorted. "Well, do you even wanna know?"

"Well, yeah. Especially if he's hot." She laughed.

"Oh, he is FINE. It's the Liam Payne of One Direction. And I went on a date with him. Last night." I bragged, knowing she was probably gaping at the phone.


"Don't finish that sentence." I said. I'm Christian, okay!

"GOD." She screamed loudly, saying multiple cuss words and many 'Eff yous'

"I'm for real, by the way."

"Oh babycheeks, looks like I need to take a little visit!"



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