That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



53. Farmers Market.

"Food. Now." Elle demanded beside me, pointing to a sign. The sign read, 'Kona Farmers Market'. I turned, seeing the herds of people crowding the stalls. It had stalls made of permanent looking tarps and tents. They had locally-grown produce, flowers, hand-made arts and crafts, Kona coffee, and tons more.

We walked straight to the fresh produce section, seeking out the cool tropical fruits. I spotted one of my favorites, pointing it out to Liam.

"Lychee." I said, pointing the leathery looking fruit.

"Do you eat the whole thing?" Liam asked, scrunching his face up. I laughed shaking my head.

"No, you peel off the outside, and on the inside is a white grape-like thing. It pretty much tastes like a grape, but a bit sweeter." I explained, picking up the fruit. He took it from me, examining it.

"Let's get some then."

I grabbed a bag and filled it up with a few, closing it up and walking along the produce. I picked up a pineapple, then filled a bag with a few mountain apples, just to try them. Liam grabbed a guava, showing me with a silly face. I laughed, putting it in the bag as well. Next came the passion fruit and the papaya, and they were sealed up in my bag. I grabbed a few spiky lychees and packed them up as well with a few strawberries, then went to the counter. Elle approved of the overfilling bag, as I took out my wallet.

"No, no, no, I'm paying." Liam demanded, taking out his money. I shook my head, putting mine back. He paid, and we walked out. I led them into the next shop, which happened to be a coffee store. I grabbed the roast of Kona coffee, glad my coffee cravings will be gone.

"You like coffee?" Liam joked, seeing as I bought 3 things of it.

"Kona coffee is special, though. I'm bringing this stuff home." I said, gesturing to the third package. We walked into the next shop, a jewelry place. I searched, not very carefully, just watching as Elle showed me a few pearl necklaces. I spotted a pair of turtle earrings, loving them instantly.

"Elle, look at these! Aren't they cute!"

"Too cute for me." She replied, then looked at me. "They'd look better on you."

I smiled, searching for the price. Only 8 dollars! "They're cheap!" I laughed, walking to the counter. Liam intercepted me, and I knew what he was going to say.

"No, Liam, it's okay, I can pay." I said, shaking my head as I pulled out a ten dollar bill. He sighed, walking away. I immediately put in the earrings, smiling at the vendor.

"Thank you!"

"Those are adorable!" Eleanor squeaked, peering at my ears. I smiled, thanking her. The next store was a flower shop, and I admired the tropical flowers in the bamboo vases. Suddenly, the boys weren't by my side. I looked around, only finding Elle, Perrie, and Eleanor nearby. I shrugged, continuing on.

The next shop was handcrafted goods, like bowls and more. I looked, but didn't buy anything. We walked along, and were interested by the different stores for hours, not realizing when the boys joined up with us again. I glanced over to find Liam grinning next to me.

"What are you so happy about?" I smiled, turning to him. His hands reached out from behind his back to reveal some beautiful flowers in a bamboo vase.

"They're beautiful, Liam! Thank you!" I fawned over the flowers, grasping them in my hands. I smelled them, being hit with a strong essence of flowers. It smelled wonderful.

We walked along, making it to the end of the front line of shops. "We should go." Harry pointed out the time. It was already 4, so we made our way to the car. I set the flowers carefully beside Perrie and Eleanor, who promised to keep them upright.

"Can I try a lychee?" Elle asked, grabbing one of the fruits. I nodded, handing her the whole bag. Everyone else asked for one, and the car was silent with thoughtful chewing as I peeled off the outside and took a bite. Delicious, just as I had remembered it.

"These are... surprisingly good." Harry remarked, staring at the rest of the white, fleshy fruit. We all agreed. The fruit didn't really look that appetizing.

"I want dinner at home." Niall said pointedly, glancing at the boys faces. They all agreed, but Liam didn't say anything.

"Alright, dinner the house." I decided.

"No, you and Liam should go out. It was your vacation originally anyways." Louis pointed out, grinning at Liam. Liam smiled hopefully at me.

"Sure, why not? Don't burn the house down while we're gone!" I laughed, turning into the driveway. We filed out of the car, and went inside. The pool looked inviting, but I ignored that and walked into the room to get ready for dinner.

"Should I wear something nice, like a dress, or casual?"

"A casual dress?" Liam chuckled, pulling a pair of khaki shorts out of his luggage. I pulled out a nice sundress, that was filled with flowers and was a bright red.

"Looking good, buttercup." I smiled as I walked out of the bathroom. He winked, walking out of the bedroom, me trailing behind. I could hear my stomach growling as I floated through the house. Nobody was in sight, but I didn't take note of it. I was mostly enjoying the fact that Liam and I were going out to dinner.

He'd remembered that it was our 4 month anniversary.

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