That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



63. Distractions.

"I'm going to go out today, okay?" Elle said, peeking into the room I was in. I nodded, looking up from my iPhone. I was scrolling through various tweets and such, taking the harsh comments badly. Whatever, I was already depressed. Plus, I was kind of mad at Elle right now.

"Can you please go outside and get some air, please? I don't want you being vitamin deficient!"

I groaned, stuffing my head back into my pillow. At least I'd be alone today in the house. I could go mope around as long as I wanted.

"Fine, die." Elle said stiffly. Her eyes seemed to regret it for a second, seeming kind of upset by what she said. Then she proceeded to stomping out of the room. The way she looked after saying die made it seem like she was- scared?

Maybe I was just imagining things.

I heard the car turn on from outside and pull away, the gravel grinding beneath the tires faintly. I laid back a while, pondering what to do. I couldn't really be such a recluse all day, now could I?

I walked into the main house, then stopped short. I heard something. Was it the breeze?

Nope, I heard it again. It was something, or someone, inside the house. It sounded like someone shuffling around inside one of the rooms. Like a robber. My throat clenched in fear as I grabbed for a weapon. The closest thing my hand came in contact to was a frying pan. At least it was a clean frying pan.

I heard the scrabbling noise again, as my hands tightened around my 'weapon'. I went inside the dark hallway, watching my step. I then saw a figure in front of me, and I swung. Hard.


I stopped in mid-hit, recognizing the voice; it was Liam! Suddenly, I knew exactly what just happened. Everyone did this on purpose, to get Liam and I to talk. Tricky, very tricky.

"Who the bloody hell is that?!?" He yelled out, his hands grasping my arm. I squealed, backing out of the dark hallway. My eyes landed on his frightened ones, and his eyes softened.


I swallowed nervously, looking at his arm, which was already forming a large, splotchy bruise.

"Oh, I bruised you!" I said, grabbing his arm and examining it. I frowned, then walked into the kitchen, and grabbing a freeze pack.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." He said quietly, grabbing it. I nodded, then walked swiftly out of the room. I was definitely not letting him see me cry right now. I didn't want to look pathetic to him.

I stepped outside, sitting on the swinging bench. I sat there for a long while, until I heard little sobs coming from inside. My heart almost broke in two. I walked inside, spotting the source.

"Stop. Please." I whispered, numbly walking over to Liam. He was leaned over the counter, his head in his hands.

Liam sniffed, hiding his tearstained face. I shushed him, as he had done to me just a few nights ago, and turned his face to mine. His eyes were red and glassy, and under his eyes was puffy. I wiped a tear away, smiling sadly.

"I want to tell you, Ames. I really do," Liam sighed, grabbing my hand. I let him take it, his smooth fingers softly touching mine. "It's just that it would make you scared. I want to wait until we're home, when we can deal with it fully."

I nodded, trying to make him feel better. What ever this little secret was, it was tearing us inside and out.

"I just want this to end."

His words broke me inside, and I could feel tears surfacing. I had tried not to cry, for him, but I couldn't hold them in. The pressure was too much for me to handle.

Liam was silent as he brought me in, until I was completely engulfed in him. He seemed to sigh once again, but his erratic breathing stopped, now in sync with my own. I sniffed, burying my face even more into his chest, which smelled of a fragrant cologne that was intoxicating and distracting.

I needed the distraction anyways.

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