That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



100. Delivery.

*Amelia's POV*

Ring, ring. Ring, ring.

"Hello, this is the Whitman residence, how may I help you?" A Southern accent filled the phone line, which was very familiar to me by now.

I spoke quickly to the maid, who always answered the phone. She and I knew each other quite well, considering Elle and I were best friends. "Hey, Mrs. Hedley! This is Amelia Harding, and I was wondering, is Elle there?"

It was the first place I'd thought of, since she really had no other place to go, other than her mother, who I was pretty sure wasn't one of Elle's favorite people on the planet. More like in her least favorite top ten people, to be exact.

"Why, hello Amelia! Yes, she came home yesterday night. Would you like to speak with her?" Mrs. Hedley told me, as I eagerly nodded my head and affirmed.

"I'd really like to, thank you!"

I heard her faintly call to Elle, her voice small but defined. "Elle, the phones for you!" Pause. "It's Amelia!" Another pause. "I already told her that your here, sweetheart, I can't just tell her that you're out..." She paused, yet again. "Alright, alright... I swear, she gets worse and worse, bless her heart..." The last part was mumbled, nearly into the phone speaker.

"So?" I said, waiting. "Is she coming then?"

"Hmm, 'fraid not, darlin'. I'll try to have her call you, though. Hope Britain's workin' out for you!"

"It is, yes. Thank you anyways, Mrs. Hedley," I paused, deciding what to say. "Can you deliver a message to her for me, though?"

"Sure thing, child. What'll it be!"

I told her what I wanted to say, not caring that it'll probably surprise Mrs. Hedley. "Thanks. Good bye." With that, I hung up quickly. I turned to Liam, shaking my head.

"She's home." He looked bewildered, then shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe having her father's support will help her out." He came over and hugged me from behind, his arms around my stomach. I nodded, because it was all I could do.

The doctor came in later, when I was eating dinner with Liam and Harry and watching some television. He smiled cheerily, his eyes twinkling.

"I have excellent news!" He said, grinning so even his bottom row of teeth were showing. We waited, excited and in suspense.

"Amelia will be able to leave in at least the next three days!"

I smiled, giving a thumbs up to Liam and Harry, who were cheering and clapping wildly. I could go back to school, go back to my job, back to my apartment... Which I frankly didn't want to go back to.

"That's great! Thank you, Dr. Hatfield." I replied, smiling and laughing, shaking my head at the two insane boys in my hospital room.

"I just have a few things to discuss with you. I was hoping to talk to you... alone?" The doctor said, smiling at me. I nodded, waving my hands at the lads to go out of the room as they partied and jumped around wildly.

"So, when you return home, you need to be very careful with yourself. Your memory may eventually turn into serious problems, but we believe if you return to therapy sessions every month or so, we can help to turn this problem upside down. Otherwise, you are healthy and recovered excellently, much better than we'd originally thought."

"Thank God, am I right?" I laughed, crossing my arms over my stomach.

"And, we have a note for you. It's from your friend. She asked us to deliver it to you." He reached his hand into his lab coat pocket, smiled at me, and left, the note precariously in my hand.

I took a deep breath and opened it, awaiting the torturous curiosity that had been eating at me ever since I visited home.


Dear Amelia,

I know, you'll probably be beyond pissed when you open this letter. It's my fault, I know. That's why I've decided to leave. I'm not telling you where I am going (although you've probably figured it out by now.) If you haven't already figured it out, I visited home. I'm not staying, however. I'm going to go somewhere much further, where I can just escape all of this stress. I need you to tell them some things, though. Here we go!

To Niall: You have no idea how sorry I am, even though I really didn't do much. I can't believe it ended like that. I really thought we had something between us, but I guess I was wrong, like I usually am. So, good bye Niall. And don't try and find me, please. Like you said, I guess we're through. - Elle.

To Harry: I'm sorry I pulled you into the fucking mess I call my life. It's not your fault at all, it's mine. And partly Niall's, if I do say so myself. Don't tell him that, he'd hunt me down and rip my head off. In all seriousness, I'll miss you. You were a great friend, Harold. - Elle

To Liam: You are a big baby, you know that? I'm really glad Amelia found you, or vice versa. She really likes you. You are so nice to her, most of the time. If you hurt her in any way and I find out, I will personally fly across the world to come and rip your tonsils out of your throat. Love ya! - Elle

To Louis: You are insanely insane, buddy. You told me things that made me laugh no matter what, and we just might've been closet nerds together, (But nobody knows that!) Thanks for the cheering up, old pal! You whippersnapper. - Elle

To Zayn: I didn't really know you nearly as well as most of the other boys, but let me tell you, you have one huge sense of humor, along with a great personality. And, cough, cough, face. Live a good life, boy! - Elle

To Eleanor & Perrie: You guys are great people, just let me tell you that! Be good friends to Amelia, please, while I'm not there. Go on sleepovers, shopping trips, and have girls nights and watch Love, Actually while eating huckleberry popcorn. Just please, do it for me. Love, Elle.

And lastly, you, Amelia. I'm sorry I did this to you. I felt I had to, before I messed up more lives in Britain. Don't try to contact me, I'm changing my numbers, and don't call my house because the maid has a big mouth and her hearts big enough for us all. She'll tell you in an instant.

Love, xoxo, Elle.


I wiped the fallen tears off my face as I sat back in the chair, folding the note in my hands. Now I had to break the news to them all, and I wasn't exactly looking forward to Niall.

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