That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



9. Catastrophe

By a flashing mob, of course I mean the paparazzi. They were everywhere! My eyes widened, and I could feel Liam tense next to me, his arm wrapping protectively around my shoulders. They were screaming at us, pushing us, and making me squeak.




Liam ignored them, guiding me swiftly back inside of the building. His eyes were filled with rage as he stepped up to the man at the desk. He was trembling, bringing a handkerchief to his forehead. I knew something was fishy about him. He called them.

"I demand to speak to the manager here." Liam said sternly, yet still quietly. I could tell he was trying his best to not lash out.

"I-I cannot do that, Mr. Payne. I'm afraid..." The man started speaking, but was cut off by me.

"Look, mister, we just wanted to have a nice, quiet dinner. It's YOUR fault that it was all messed up. So let us speak to him. Now. Got it?" I was surprised, I usually didn't have the guts to speak to strangers, especially in such a demanding way.

"Um, right this way then," He said, using his kerchief again to dab at his brow.

We followed him, Liam's arm still wrapped around me. I felt like I wanted to go die in a hole. What would my parents think? It certainly doesn't seem I'm studying, or even trying to, if they see those pictures. I could not go back to that stink hole of a town.

"Amelia? Are you alright?" Liam murmured, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit of a scare, but don't worry about me. I'll be great." His eyebrows raised, obviously not believing me, but he seemingly let it go.

"What could you POSSIBLY be bothering me with now, Walter?" A booming voice said, coming from behind the door that the man, apparently Walter, was peeking in.

"Paparazzi troubles. One of tonight's guests was... troubled."

"Let me see 'em!"

We walked in and took a seat where the manager gestured.

"Liam Payne and a dinner guest. Walter. Come here." His face was beginning to turn bright red, his giant fists tightening as Walter stumbled toward him.

"I am very sorry, you two. Food, on us."

"No thank you. We didn't very much like your food anyways." Liam said truthfully. I struggled to hide my laugh. I kept my face straight best as I could. I glanced at Liam, who glanced triumphantly back, obviously humored by his words.

"Oh, is that so? Good bye then." He waved us off, and we hurried through the door. The last thing we heard was a loud "FIRED." We looked at each other with wide eyes. We went out of the back door and got in the car. I had to keep reassuring Liam that the night was fine, and NOT his fault. I insisted, and he finally gave in, telling me I was 'probably right.'

As the car neared my apartment, I turned towards Liam. He was looking at me, and he proceeded to look down and smile.

"What?" I asked.

"I never would've dreamed that I would ever meet someone like you. I just want you to know that."

I smiled and replied, "I never would've thought someone like you would even give a second glance at someone like me. I'm not special. I'm just a girl from a small town. I never imagined being here would be like this."

Liam smiled and looked me right in the eye. My stomach twisted, and I leaned forward. He did as well, and we kissed. It was perfect, the night was complete. I stepped out of the car and waved goodbye.

My phone made a beeping noise, signaling I had a notification on Twitter. I unlocked my door and took my iPhone from my purse. I had a ton of tweets and followers.

"What?" I said to myself. They were almost all hate. They were mostly similar to this one.


STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN, BITCH!!!1! YOU ARE UGLY. YOU DON'T DESERVE HIM @amelialove6 @Real_Liam_Payne #hesmine

Tears formed in my eyes as I sat on my bed. What did I do to them? And how the heck did they know who I was, or my Twitter account?

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