That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



84. Bottomless Pit.

*Amelia's POV*

It was white. Wherever I was, it smelled sweet, like roses in a meadow. As soon as I thought of a meadow, the meadow appeared before me, expanding out for so long, I couldn't see the end. I looked around the fields, not caring about a thing. I couldn't even remember where I was, or why I was here in the first place. It didn't matter anyways, right?

"Hello?" I called out, but my lips were stuck, like they'd been super glued shut. I tried again, but got the same reaction. I tried to take a step forward, but found my legs were completely paralyzed, along with all of my other limbs and body parts. I started to freak out, but no sounds were made. What the heck was going on? Where was everybody?

Everybody. Who was everybody? I knew that there were people that I once knew, and quite possibly cared about. I just couldn't set my finger on what their names were. So I thought of millions of different names, trying them, tasting them, seeing if any of them were familiar.

Lila? No, that's not familiar. Daisy? Doesn't ring a bell. Amelia? Wait, that's my name.

I went through dozens and dozens of unfamiliar names, losing hope as what seemed like days passed by. Only a few sounded the least bit familiar. I found out that my Dad's name was George, and my Mom's was Candace, or Candy for short. I had a sibling named Darren, who I guessed was older than me, but I wasn't positive. I had a sister, hopefully younger, named Alexis. I had a friend named Elizabeth-Anne, but I called her Elle. I was absolutely sure of that one, thank God. There was someone else, someone who seemed to be in a bad category in my mind. His name was Jacob, and for some reason, I knew that I called him Jake. I didn't know how he was in relation to me. Maybe a friend, boyfriend, etcetera.

I searched around more in my mind, but all that came up was some boy-band that I didn't recognize. One Way, was it? I couldn't be sure on that one. I had a feeling they were important to me, however, but couldn't quite figure out why. There were five of them. All boys. All British, but one was not, and I think that he might've been Irish. But he might as well been Scottish, because I couldn't remember a thing.

I then began to piece together my memory of myself. I got a pretty good summary, which flowed through my brain so many times, that I learned to memorize it.

'My name is Amelia Marie Harding. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and am exactly 5' 5", which is relatively short. I am not sure of my age, but it is in the eighteen to nineteen category. I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but moved at a very young age to Lilydale, Minnesota, where I lived with my mother Candace, or Candy Marie Harding, my father George Trent Harding, my brother Darren Christopher Harding, and my sister Alexis Rose Harding. We had a cat named Paprika and a dog named Peach. The town Lilydale was very small, in which I lived in for most of my life. I gained a friend there, named Elizabeth-Anne Jo Whitman, who has blonde hair and is rude to most people, but is my best friend. Everyone called her Elle, and not many knew her real name. I also have a few other friends, whose names escape me at the moment. I had a relation to someone named Jacob, but something turned sour that I don't quite remember, but it was painful for me. I moved from Lilydale to somewhere else, to a large city in a different country. The name of the city isn't remembered in my mind right now. I met people there who are very important to me, but for some reason, something happened and I can't remember anything about them, and some other spots of my memory are clouded. I'm asleep, or something, and cannot move about, but I feel more aware of my surroundings by the minute. So far, nothing substantial has happened.'

That was it. I remembered little family memories, some parties with friends, and so on, but the most recent memories were blank. I searched through that foggy part of my mind, scraping every single little detail to shreds to see if it meant something, anything. Nothing rang a bell to me.

Then, I heard it. The voice. It was one male voice that stood out above the others. It was so very familiar, like his name was on the tip of my tongue. It felt like he was standing right in front of me and yelling at me, but I couldn't quite reach him, and couldn't quite hear his words. All I heard was the tone of voice. There were others, of course, but his was special to me. I savored it, craved it, and smiled at it. But my lips never moved to show him that I noticed his presence. I tried to mold the voice into words, fighting and scratching my way into a clearer consciousness, but no matter how hard I tried, I kept slipping farther down.

Eventually, I took a break. I stopped trying and I just listened. The voice was so familiar, I just had to figure out the name of this character. For some completely unknown reason, the boy-band came to mind. One Way, I thought it was. But that didn't sound right, not at all. I ignored that and continued to think of the boys in the band. Their faces weren't right, and kept changing as I tried to focus my mind on them. The first one I thought of was blonde, with blue eyes. The hair changed to brown, curly hair, but changed to the spiky blonde locks once again. I decided the blonde fit him best, and kept it like that. I needed to figure out the name, but the voice didn't match this one. So I moved on, thinking of a fair skinned boy with a large head of curly hair. His eyes were strange, and I couldn't quite figure out the color of them. Blue? Green? Hazel? Who knows, so I gave up on him. I had a feeling it wasn't him. Another face popped up, one with straight hair that covered his eyes just a little bit, that was swept up the side of his face. I knew that the voice didn't match him. The other faces wouldn't come to me, and I gave up on the boy-band, and gave up on trying.

I succumbed to the lightness, smiling as I felt it tugging at me. My hand wouldn't let go, though. Something was holding it back. I moved it, trying to get it free, but of course it didn't move a smidge. Eventually, my hand was let go, but I didn't want to go. I tried to fight once again, but I felt fatigued by my determination. I just wanted to relax...

Then the voice came back, after what felt like hours of hard work. This time, some words were made out. "I'm sorry...broke the promise...forgive..."

The promise. Promise. What did I make someone promise? Oh yes, that when I was gone, they wouldn't completely shut down. Now who was that? Who is that voice? I got excited when I figured out how close I was to figuring it all out. My boyfriend. That was it, that was it! It was not Jake, most definitely not Jake. It was... Linus? No, not that. Lloyd? Ugh, no. I wanted to scream, I couldn't figure it out.

Liam! That was it! Liam! Oh my God, I remember him! He was in that band, that One Way or whatever! And boy, he was attractive.. I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten him so quickly.

"I can't believe I'm just talking right now... I'm being silly...Can't even hear me..."

No! No your not! I can hear you! I squeezed my hand as tight as I could, and for once, I got a reaction. My hand twitched slightly, feeling something surrounding it. It was a hand. It was quiet, which I hoped was a good thing as I waited for him to say something.

"Amelia, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand again." It was a demand, which I followed by a tiring squeeze once again. He called someone, who's voice I recognized immediately. Elle! It was good to hear her voice again. I twitched my hand twice more, before realizing how sleepy I was. I rested, this time knowing that I wasn't going to be at that bottomless pit anymore.

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