That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



77. Be My Savior.

*Elle's POV*


Why do I always get myself into these situations? It's like I have a giant neon sign hanging around my neck that reads 'Come & Get Me! I Look Like A Whore, So I Am, Right?'

Well, I'm not, so whatever those men think they see in me, it's not true.

I rapidly turned a corner, hoping to make them lose sight of me in the dark, damp, empty streets of who-knows-where. I wasn't even sure if this was London or not. It was much to confusing in the dank darkness of night, or morning, I suppose. I twisted around multiple corners, went down many alleyways, until I was positive I'd lost them. My breathing was hard, so I tried to calm it to make as little noise as possible. I turned to look behind me, seeing nothing in particular. I turned back around, then gasped loudly.

They were standing right in front of me.

How did they get there? I swear, they weren't there just a few seconds ago-

"Hmm.." One murmured, smirking at me. I gulped as I stepped back a few inches. "Hello, pretty gal.."

I shook my head, turning my head to my right to avoid their stares. I backed up until I was pressed up to the wet brick wall behind me. My heart felt like it was breaking my ribcage as they took steps forward, ever so slowly.

"You don't look too excited to see us, my pretty girly." Another man chuckled, swinging what looked like a broken beer bottle around. Another voice came from much closer, to my left, where I wasn't looking.

"You smell really good, gorgeous girly." He dragged 'really' out to such an extent, there was no doubt left in my body that he was beyond drunk.

"Fuck off." I spoke through clenched teeth, trying to emanate an air of confidence that I didn't truly have. I took a sharp intake of breath as a grimy hand touched my jawbone, trailing his fingertip down to my collarbone. I whipped myself in the other direction, running into another man. I let out a terrified screech that echoed off of buildings, making the man holding me flinch, before slapping his hand over my open mouth.

"Shut up, you little slut!" He sneered, grabbing my waist and slamming it into his own body.

"We're gonna make you pay for that, you whore!" Another taunted, reaching forward and touching the hemline of my shirt. Since they hadn't thought to restrain my hands, I reached forward and slammed my fist into his nose, going at an upward angle to inflict the most injury and pain. He yelled, falling backwards and hitting his head on the pavement with a loud crack.

The man who was holding me still clicked his tongue. "Ah, ah, ah!" He sounded like he was smiling, even though I couldn't even see his face. "What did we tell you, girly?"

I felt another hand grab my arms, wrenching them to the side. I groaned in pain as he held them at that unnatural angle, rubbing my arms in a supposedly 'soothing' manner. It just made me more angry. My fists clenched and unclenched, testing that they were still working. I then slammed my head forward and bit the hand that was clamped over my face. His hand dropped from my face, allowing me to let out one more loud scream, even louder than my last one.

His hand was back on my mouth in seconds, before he pushed me to the ground and stood over me, his legs on either side of my body as he just stood there, as if sizing me up.

"Hmm, what should we do to this naughty little slut?" He wondered, looking to the two other men left standing. The other man was out cold, from when I punched him right in the face.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" One of the men, with a scraggly beard and an upturned mouth, smiled creepily at me.

Then I heard footsteps coming in our direction. I prayed to God that the men wouldn't hear them, and it was so far so good. One of them stepped forward and started to hitch up my shirt, touching my stomach and giving me goose-bumps. I whimpered, struggling against their hold.

I tried to make the loudest noise possible by struggling with them, then trying to scream through his sweaty hand. It made a little noise, but wasn't guaranteed to actually be heard by surrounding people.

"What's going on here?"

My heart started beating faster as I heard someone running down the alleyway. The men froze, then stared at me in disbelief.

"You did this, you slut!" One of them screamed, then let go of me. One took my arm and started to drag me down the alley, allowing me to scream out once more. I started to yell out 'help', my voice cracking and scraggly, but I could see that my hero was catching up.

"Drop her! Drop her!"

I recognized that voice. Was it... Niall?

"Niall?" I called out, louder than all the others. I could see his face now, he was so close, yet so far. His face went slack as he saw my face, recognized my voice.

"Elle?" He whispered, his foot staggering on the concrete as the reality crushed down on the situation. I sobbed out, reaching out with my other hand to grab onto his. The men jerked me forward, and into the arms of the bearded one. He held me tight, his eyes watching my every move. His hand touched my bare back, tracing little circles that I would've thought as comforting if it were actually someone I loved.

"Who are you? Pretty girlies boyfriend?" The man said, smirking evilly at Niall, like he was something he was playing with. Which, in reality, I was the toy here.

"I should be the one asking the questions." Niall shot back, his eyes like blue flames. "What the bloody hell are you doing with my girlfriend?"

"We were just havin' a little bit a fun, right dearie?" The one with the beer bottle replied, stroking my face. I spit on his hand, turning my nose up right. He frowned, clearly upset with my behavior.

"You dirty, nasty, stupid slut." He spat, shoving the beer bottle right into my face, nearly scratching me with it. I jerked backwards, my breathing rapidly increasing.

"What did you just call her?" Niall snapped, his hands trembling in fury. "First of all, my girlfriend is actually quite clean, and is also quite pleasant in my opinion. Also, she is quite intelligent, you guys just don't have the bloody brains to see it." He took a deep breath, his whole body now shaking in anger. "And lastly, my girlfriend is many things, but never, ever is she going to be a bloody slut. And if you don't leave her with me right now, I won't give you such a nice time. You hear me?"

They dropped me, letting my body plop onto the ground in a horrid manner. They turned and ran, one of them throwing the beer bottle back at us. It skidded and crashed into my leg, making me yelp in pain. I couldn't look down at it, afraid of the sight I might see. Niall started to cry, fat teardrops dropping from his crystal blue eyes.

"Oh my God, Elle!" He sobbed, sniffing loudly. "This is all my fault! If I hadn't been such a bloody bastard and left the hospital like a coward-"

I stopped him immediately. "Shh! Niall! You are nothing even remotely close to a coward. You just saved my life. When I was scared to even move, you swooped in and saved my ass from getting-" I shivered, thinking of the possibilities. I didn't continue the sentence.

"My point is, you are not a coward. You're my savior, Niall." And I kissed him right on the spot.

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