That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



96. Away.

*Elle's POV*

I was still in the bathroom, after Amelia's little freak-out. Although, I guess I was the cause. I knew what I was doing, how it affected both her and me. Yet, I still chose to do it, because it made me feel that much better. When she called me selfish, that's what really hurt. I couldn't stand Amelia being mad, but I had to accept that. I was a bitch, I already knew that.

I flushed the toilet for the tenth time since I'd been in there, sniffing as I wiped my eyes off. I needed to change the stall I was in before people got worried. I unlocked the door, then moved on to the next stall, locking it and hitching myself up on the toilet seat. I felt my phone vibrate, so I pulled it out and unlocked the screen. It was a text from Liam, then another I hadn't seen before from Harry.


From: Liam To: Elle

Elle, you've made Amelia very upset, and I just wanted you to know that she probably doesn't want to speak with you right now. Harry's very upset as well, and I think you should let him know it's not his fault.


I snorted, shaking my head. I'd already told the dipshit it wasn't his fault, why'd he have to be such a little crybaby! It wasn't even his relationship, he needed to just calm down. Doesn't need to beat himself up over it. Whatever happened, just happened. It wasn't going to be fixed. I looked at the next text, sniffing again as I deleted the text from Liam.


From: Harry To: Elle

I am so sincerely sorry, Elle. I didn't mean for that to happen. I can try to talk to Niall for you.


I laughed angrily, clenching my phone in my hand. "Yeah fucking right!" I yelled aloud, feeling my stomach roll again. This time, I didn't throw up. I decided to throw my phone in the toilet, then flushed it, watching the phone spin round and round, until the toilet clogged up. I let it fill until it was almost over spilling before I kicked the stall door open and burst through the bathroom doors.

I ran into the parking lot, looking for one of the guys cars to take, but the bus came into view first. For the first time today, I caught a lucky break. I ran to the bus stop, searching my wallet for some money to give the bus driver. I handed it to him, receiving a strange look from him as he took it. I realized then what a mess I looked like.

"It'll all be okay, sweetheart." An elderly woman tapped my arm, smiling cheerfully at me. I struggled back the yell of frustration I wanted to yell, the 'No! It will never be alright!' Instead, I smiled to my best ability, and found an empty seat in the very back, where nobody was seated.

I looked in my pocket for my phone to look at my reflection, when I remembered I threw it in the toilet. Like the smartass I was, I'd ruined the last phone my father would buy me, because I'd ruined all the last ones. Now I was phoneless, boyfriend-less, and friendless. My day was not the best so far.

I didn't even know where the fucking bus was going, to top it off. So I sat back, closed my eyes, and tried to sleep away the thoughts in my mind. But every single time I was about to sleep, I was either jostled by the bus, or somebody spoke loudly, or someone pulled the line which made the light shine directly on me. So I was stuck there, my terrible day replaying in my mind until I felt the urge to throw up again. I opened my eyes, realizing the evening sky had turned dark, and nobody was on the bus anymore except for me and the bus driver.

"Excuse me, where are we?" I called to the bus driver, who looked at me through his mirror. He took a deep breath, adjusting the hat on his head.

"Not on route. My shift ended about fifteen minutes ago." He replied, looking back to the road. I sat there, a bit shocked, then apologetic.

"I'm sorry, I would've gotten off if you'd asked me to."

He shook his head, raising his hand up. "No, no, it's no problem for me. Anywhere you'd like me to drop you off?"

I smiled gratefully, clasping my hands together in my lap. I told him the address of Amelia and my apartment, to which he gladly drove me to. When we arrived, I stood up and shook his hand, thanking him with all sincerity.

"Thank you." I said, smiling. He smiled back, tipping his hat. I got off the bus, sighing as I looked up to the familiar building I hadn't been to for ages. I'd mostly stayed at Niall's house since Hawaii.

When I got in, I began doing what I had been planning in the hospital bathroom stalls. I began to pack my things.

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