That Brunette And Me

Amelia just moved to Britain from a small town, after having a terrible relationship with a past boyfriend. She meets superstar Liam Payne, but can she get over heartbreak, the wrath of Directioners, and being in fame? Or will she break under the pressure?



54. Another Surprise.

"What are you making for dinner?" I asked Elle, who was ransacking the cabinets in the kitchen with Niall by her side. She paused, then turned on her heel slowly, her face caught up in thought.

"I dunno."

I sighed, setting my purse on the counter as I prepared to help them when Elle suddenly brightened with an idea.

"Mac N' Cheese!"

"Cheesy macaroni!" Niall called back, swooning at the thought of the cheesy dinner.

I walked to the cabinets, my wedges clicking softly against the hardwood floor. I opened one, immediately finding the noodles. I pointed to the fridge. "There's cheese in there."

Elle nodded, taking out a pot and the noodles.

"Okay you guys, remember not to leave it on the stove, and make sure everyone gets some. So no hogging." I said, pointing at both of them sternly, but jokingly.

"M'kay, mummy." Niall scoffed, opening the fridge and taking out the block of cheese.

Elle groaned, staring at the cheese. "You got a block? Why don't you get pre-shredded cheese?"

"Because I'm not lazy. Now I need to go!" I laughed, picking up my purse and racing out the door. Liam came out after me, smiling happily. He hopped in the drivers seat, to my surprise, and stared at the levers as I sat down in the passenger seat.

"You sure you want to drive?" I asked patiently as he backed out of the driveway. He nodded determinedly, his eyes focused intently on the road ahead.


I thought of the little turtle keychain I'd gotten him, and smiled as I remembered him telling me his love for turtles. Along with the keychain, I'd gotten him tickets at an aquarium to go swim with sea turtles. I had gotten tickets for everyone, and for a deal too. Maybe I'd bargained with the guy selling them, but it didn't matter.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot," Liam winked, then continued. "Happy four months, Ames."

"Ha, ha, very funny, buttercup." I laughed, flipping the sun visor down so that the sun wasn't glaring into my eyes.

"I know, I'm hilarious." Liam smirked, nudging me in the side with a funny face.

I laughed, shaking my head. "How charming."

"Prince Charming, you mean."

"Whatever floats your boat."

Liam chuckled. "You and your weird American sayings."

"Totes my goat."

Liam's face turned blank as he stared right at me. "That saying makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever."

"But it does-" I began, looking at Liam with a large smile.

"Nope!" He cut me off, grinning.

"What about British sayings? I bet you've got 'em." I replied, fiddling with a lock of my brown hair.

"Oh yes, British sayings are the bee's knees."

I groaned, laughing my head off. "Bee knees? Really?"

"There's also 'throw a wobbly', but we're not going into that." Liam stated in a matter-of-fact way.

"A wobbly, eh?"

"That's right."

"Hmm. I'll try to say that one in the future."

"Good luck with that, sweetheart."

I laughed, staring through the windshield. Surprisingly, there were no raindrops falling from the sky. Usually it rained once a day, but it hadn't yet. I stared off into the clouds, seeing blue sky and fluff spotted all over the place. I looked at the trees to see if it was windy, but they were still.

"I'll need you to close you're eyes before we get there." Liam said, his eyes wide and excited.

"Fine!" I laughed, shutting my eyes, then putting my hands over them. I felt something hit my leg, so I asked Liam's permission to open my eyes. It was a purple handkerchief, and Liam was grinning his head off.

"I guess I'm supposed to put this on?"


I sighed, still smiling, and wrapped it around my head, tying it in the back. I couldn't see a thing. It felt weird, to be in a car and blind to what was going on at all other than my hearing and touch. I shook off the odd feeling, and continued on humming to some catchy song I'd heard earlier. I swung my legs back and forth, trying not to hit the ground with them. I succeeded, at least for a while. Then I felt the car go to a gradual stop, then I felt it brake, and we were not moving at all.

"Okay, I'll help you out the car. Don't move a muscle!"

I stayed absolutely still as Liam climbed out his door and made his way around the car. At least that's what I suppose happened, I couldn't see a thing. I heard my door open, and felt Liam's hands unbuckle me and carefully take my hand, leading me out of the car. I stepped safely on the ground, and heard the door shut behind me. I walked slowly forward, Liam's reassuring hand still guiding me to our destination. From my hearing, I couldn't tell where we were. I only heard the usual; a passing car, and the ocean. You could hear the ocean from practically everywhere.

"Okay, I'm going to let go of your hand, and you can untie it when you count to ten. Deal?" Liam said, squeezing my hand gently.

"Deal." I replied confidently. I felt his grasp fall from my hand, and I began to count.

"One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven."



"Ten." I murmured, my hands reaching up to untie the bandana, ready to see the surprise Liam had waiting for me beyond my blinded sight.

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