If Only You Knew {Harry Styles FF}

If only she knew how much she meant to that boy....


1. {Chapter One}


Hey 1D fans! This is a Harry Styles Fan Fiction written by me. Wooh. I started today at Movellas so you probably don't know me. I'm Carly by the way.

Okay, okay, enjoy.



The Summer landscape today was amazing. The hot was perfect temperature, there's not on single speck of clouds in the sky, and it's blazing. Today was just so, perfect. Maybe if my lazy best-friends Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry weren't so lazy, we could do something productive this day.


Jumping up excitedly from my head, ignoring the dizziness that spun around me, I quickly ran to each of the lad's bedroom. "Boys, if you guys don't wake up this second, I'm not going to make breakfast!" I threaten them in pure evilness. Soon afterwards, I could hear the heavy footsteps of the boys.


"Bacon with fried eggs please," Niall calls out from his room. I plop down the stairs, heading towards the kitchen. 'Course, I was the only girl in this whole zoo. With Danielle and Eleanour gone, I've gone to the extreme just to do everything for the boys. With Liam's help of course.


"Goodmorning lads, goodmorning Jordan" Harry greets happily as they both came in. "You told us that twice already" grumbled Zayn whilst he grabbed a bottle of milk. Yeah, Zayn is not the morning person.

I handed them their bacon and fried eggs, giving them a warm hug. "Goodmorning to you guys too" I reply happily, giving them a faint smile. Turning around, I headed to the living room where I turned on the telly for some good old fashioned video games.

My hair was tied up in a messy bun, strands of hair sticking out in every direction. My attire was rather lame and unfashionable. Right now, I wore one of the lad's shirt's (can't remember who) and a pair of basketball shorts. You could say that I'm a tomboy. But I prefer, 'just-doesn't-care-about-fashion-' girl. And that's pretty tough for a girl who's good friends with One Direction.

One of the biggest boy bands in this century. You don't expect a tomboy like me to be with One Direction. Maybe that's why I get hate? Eh, screw them haters.


"We have a photoshoot today," Liam announces once he finished his breakfast. "Around 3-ish. So please be ready in time.. Ehem, Louis." I could tell Louis was probably rolling his eyes right now. It's his signature sassy move.


I felt a presence plop down beside me, the warmth of their body radiating at me. "Hey Jordan," Harry. "What you playing?" 


"Battlefield 3," I started, pressing on the buttons on the controller rapidly. "Oh, yeah, shooting game?"


"No Harry, it's a fashion game." I say sarcastically, giving him a playful nudge. "Meanie," he replied, sticking out his tongue childishly. "You'll learn to be more mature one day, Style." I retorted smartly. 

"Age is just a number, maturity is a choice" He quoted stubbornly before grabbing the additional controller beside me. "Is this a multiplayer game?" 



"Well then," he began before picking me up from the couch. ''Harry Edward Styles, if you don't put me down, I will personally rip off your balls!"

''You can't do that babe, you love me too much!" he shrieked before dropping me on the kitchen counter top. Where the rest of the lads ate peacefully. Did. Did eat peacefully.


Once we arrived, a wild zoo irrupted and everything went into pure chaos. "Charge!" they yell in unison. Food flew everywhere. Every inch of the kitchen was plastered with bacons and eggs.  The whole part of the room was erupted with shrieks and yells of battle. 


Right now, I was hiding under the kitchen table, looking for rescue. "Jordan I'll save you!" Harry screams at me, lunging at me. "Oh crap," I mumble before being engulfed into Harry's figure. My body crippled a bit, the pain flowing into my entire body. "That hurt!" I moaned.

"You would be more hurt if that knife went to your face now! I care about you too much for you to get hurt." retorted Harry, crossing his arms. "Now excuse me, I have a battle to finish!" he says before entering the 'arena' once again. 


I abruptly stood up, managing to dodge the five idiots before heading back to my room. My thoughts we're scrambled about what Harry said. 


Did he really care about me?


Or was it just meant to be a friendly matter of saying, 'Don't get hurt. I don't life-insurance for you?' 


Sitting down, I laid on my back. Now being trapped in a endless pit of thinking. 





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