Too close (+13)

Harry has been friends with Raylee since forever!!! But there is a prom coming up and they promised they would go together just as friends but are they both falling for each other after being friends for 18 years!!! Is going to go well!?!?!


2. Shopping!!!

Raylee's P.O.V


I was ready for the Prom!! Harry and I promised each other that if we didn't get dates for the Prom we would go together, just as friends. Even though I've always had a little crush on Harry when we were little kids, and I still do I never told him cause that would ruin our friendship with each other.

I tried on like forty pretty dresses and showed them to Harry while I was wearing them. He smiled a lot, but there was this one dress he practically went buzurk over. It was a blue, aqua dress with ruffles on the top and sequences band around my waist, with a blue rose on the side.

"You look beautiful in that dress Raylee" Harry said smiling like and idiot "Haz are you sure??" I asked nervously. "Yes!! You look great!!!, your totally gonna get asked to dance at Prom!!" He smiled but then it faded away, like mine did when he said that cause I really only wanted to dance with Harry.


Harry's P.O.V

She looked so amazing in that dress. The way her long, blonde straight hair cascaded down her face all the way to her waist. "Harry....?" she said brining me back to reality.

"Huh... oh sorry I was thinking" "obviously" she said poking me in my dimple. She laughed at me for a minute and walked back into the dressing room putting her real clothes on.

When she got out of the dressing room we walked up to the cashier, "that will be $114.00" the cashier said. Raylee looked at me with sadness in her eyes, "I don't have that enough money and I really wanted this dress". Before she could grab the dress I handed the cashier the money. "Thank you for shopping" the girl said as we walked out the door.

"Haz why did you pay for this dress, you didn't have to do that" she said looking at me straight in the eyes, "because I knew you how much you wanted that dress, it's no big deal". she looked at me like I was retarted, then she hugged me and kissed me on my cheek!!! When she did my face tingled for a bit.

"Thank you Haz! I owe you big time!!, I'll do anything to repay you". I smiled giving her a devilish smile "anything?? Eh" I said " Haz no not that way!!! Your a perv!!" she said smiling. "YOUR BLUSHING, RAY!!! I yelled "NO I'M NOT!!!" she said trying to cover her face with her jacket hood. We headed home afterwards laughing at each other and singing.

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