Too close (+13)

Harry has been friends with Raylee since forever!!! But there is a prom coming up and they promised they would go together just as friends but are they both falling for each other after being friends for 18 years!!! Is going to go well!?!?!


6. Finally

Raylee's P.O.V

"WOW" we both said after he kissed me. I felt my stomach flip and get like golf ball sized butterflies in my stomach. We just stared at each other soaking in the rain, but It wasn't akward at all. It was liked we stared at each other for ages, like we could never be without each other.

"Raylee?" he finally broke the silence, "yes harry?" I said still in shock. "You look like you going to pass out we should get you inside." He took my hand and walked me back to Niall's house. I smile grew as I kept replaying the kiss in my head, I kept thinking of the things he said ' your beautiful Raylee, your hair, and you beautiful smile.'

We got up to Niall's house and my mom was getting in the car. "Mom where are going?" I asked her, "oh Raylee there you are, well I'm gonna go home I was guessing you were with Harry somewhere. Looks like I was right" she said as she winked at me. "Ok mom can I stay here for a little longer? I promise I will be home before twelve" I asked cause I really didn't want to leave Harry after what had just happened between us. "Of course honey, just remember Niall's mom is there!" she winked "MOM!!!!" "I'm not stupid Raylee, I was 17 once too! How do you think you were made?" she said as she got in the car. "OK....By MOM!!" I said quickly taking Harry and running into the house.

Harry's P.O.V

Her mom is so funny! "OK....By MOM!!" Raylee said dragging me inside Niall's house. "What was that all about" I asked very cheeky, "Nothing we don't need to talk about it" she said, "What was all that yelling about, and why are you both wet?" Niall asked coming in from the kitchen. "Nooothhhhing!" Raylee said skipping into the kitchen probably to tell Morgan.

Morgan's P.O.V

I can't believe what I just saw! I was telling Niall and I  just glanced out the window and I saw it! They kissed in the rain, it was so cute. "Hey Mo" she said like nothing had happened.

"Don't act like I don't know what happened" I said getting like really nosey "What! Nothing Happened!!!"she said trying to act a innocent.

Raylee's P.O.V

Shit!! she Knows!!!

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