Paul's Daughter

Camila Huggins is Paul's Daughter but she lives with her mom "Lily Huggins".Camila wants to see her dad but does she know that his a " Babysitter" to One Direction...


1. Meeting My dad

Camila's P.O.V "Do you have everything???" Asked My mom..."Yes mom I have everything..." I said. I'm Camila you can Call Me Cami. I'm going to meet my dad...His job is body guarding these people so I don't really get to see him. My mom said's I should go while She's in a trip with her job and she can't bring me so..I guess I have to stay with my dad for a month... which I'm okay with but I just hate packing and then in-packing it's so boring... I have black hair and brownish blackish kinda of eyes. I hate myself I feel so ugly and fat. I'm such a nerd. I have to wear glasses because my mom sees contacts are bad so I wear Mex glasses which think there super fab...I
don't get bullied cause I'm a nerd..."Mommy I love you so much!!!" I said while leaving to he on the plane.I hate planes there so boring and Super Duper long... I got to my seat... I sat down then a second later this guy came up to me and sat down next to me. He was in his mid-twienies. Anyway I took out my iPod and put one direction...I love them so much...!!! I fell asleep... I got woken up by the fight atentdent.I got my carry on and got off the plane. I got my luggage which was alot It was ten suitcases!!! I got all my cute, fun,lazy clothes. And I still had alot of clothes at my house.I started looking for my dad... " Boo!!!" someone said behind me. I quickly turned around to see who it was and it was my dad. I hugged him and said " I've missed you alot..."

*A/N Hey gals and guys so whatcha think should I keep going... Btw thanks for reading.... Luff you!!!!:)<3
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