They Don't Know About Us (Harry Styles Love Story)

Tess, 18, is making her Olympic dreams come true by making the British diving team. She wins bronze at her first ever Olympic games. England love her and she is all over the media. People like that don't stay at the top forever though. Do they?


7. Chapter 7



We walked up the steps of Tess’s flat and she unlocked the door. My God she looked so good tonight. But then again she always looks good. I can’t believe we almost kissed, but of course a fan interrupted us. But I can’t complain, we really do love our fans. And that waitress was a bitch she was so annoying. I feel a bit sorry for Tess. She has a pretty full on day. Not everyone has been really kind to her and she deserves for people to treat her right. I think I'm starting to like her.

We walked inside locking the door behind her. She is probably a bit scared of all the people she has had to deal with today.

“Are you going to go to school tomorrow?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. I should but I don’t want to.” She sighed.

“Let’s do something instead; I don’t have to be at the studio.” I smiled at her.

“Let’s go to a fair or theme park!” She said excitedly. I had a feeling she hadn’t been to one of those in a while.

“Um I'm not really that kind of person.” I said awkwardly. I hate rollercoasters. Why do people think they are fun when all they do is just spin you around, make you scared and make you feel sick.

She raised an eyebrow at me, “You’re scared?” She asked amused.

I smiled at her, “Not scared… I just.”

“Do you like heights?”

“No!” I said scared at just the thought of them.

“Aww Harry’s scared!” She teased.

“Shut up.” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t worry Harry. I used to be scared of heights. But I like them now.” She said softly to me. Tess is an amazing diver of course she isn’t scared of heights; I will never understand how divers can jump of something that high. “Let’s go. It will be fun! I haven’t been to one of those in years. I’ll hold your hand.” I feel a bit of sympathy for her, she probably last went with her dad.

“Fine we will go.” I said pretending to be annoying but it didn’t work very well.

“Thank you Harry! Oh my God yay!” She said super excited and ran up and gave me a hug. I laughed and she ran up to the room to get ready for bed yelling “Thank you! I won’t let you down I promise! I will make sure you have made the right decision!” I laugh at her, she is so cute.


*The next morning*


"Oh my god is there anything else I need? Have I got everything?" I yelled to Harry running around the house excitedly. I ran into the bedroom and Harry was still in bed looking tired.

"How are you still awake?! This is like a sleep in! I was up at 7:30." I yelled pointing at the clock which read 8:30.

"Not really." Harry said half asleep. "Give me 15 minutes." He pulled me down so I was lying with him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and snuggled into me. I snuggled back and Harry smiled. I don't know what’s going on with Harry to be honest. I think I'm starting to like him. I guess that only time will tell. 

"Can we just stay like this all day?" Harry asked in a husky voice that was a bit muffled.

"I wish but today we are going to the fair!" 

"Why do you wake up so early?" Harry said still sounding half asleep.

"I guess I'm just used to it." I wake up at 4:30 nearly every day but I'm having a week off training at the moment.

1 hour later we arrived at the fair.

 "Wow it’s huge!" I said as Harry took my hand and we walked together towards the gate. Harry paid and we were let in. We got unlimited ride passes because we didn't know how many we would go on.

I squeezed Harry's hand as we walked through. I looked up at him and he looked anxious. "Are you scared?" I asked stroking his hand.

 "No!" He laughed trying to act tough.

"Okay good lets go on that one first!" I yelled pointing to the biggest ride at the fair.

"No way." Harry said. I looked up at him raising an eyebrow. "I'm just saying don't you think we should start on one of the smaller rides. I'm just thinking of you because you haven't been to one of these places in a while." He was scared so he tried looking tough by saying that he wanted to protect me. I raised both eyebrows.

"Harry I have dived off a 30m tall waterfall before, I'm not scared of heights. We will go on one of the smaller ones though." I smiled and tugged on his hand. 

We walked to a smaller ride and waited in line. A few people noticed us and the two 13 year old girls in front of us asked for a picture with Harry, which was totally fine with me. I don't know why the two girls weren’t at school though. The girls were really friendly.

We waited another 5 minutes until the man lifted the bar for us and let us walk to our ride. Harry's hand tightened on my grip and I looked up at him and smiled. He is so cute, perfect, everything.



Omg I'm so sorry I haven't updated in ages I have been sooo busy like even sometimes too busy to do my homework! Ooops :/ Haha anyways I'm sorry this is a really short chapter I did half of it and then it didn't save :( I promise I will try and update next as soon as I can. 
Thankkkks everyone who’s reading please like and fav and comment! (: xx 

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