They Don't Know About Us (Harry Styles Love Story)

Tess, 18, is making her Olympic dreams come true by making the British diving team. She wins bronze at her first ever Olympic games. England love her and she is all over the media. People like that don't stay at the top forever though. Do they?


6. Chapter 6


Chapter 6.

*4 hours later*

I look in the mirror one last time and am slightly happy with my appearance. I'm wearing a blue dress that hugs my figure and flows out slightly at my waist. My hair is curled loosely and I am wearing a necklace that lies just above the top of the dress. I put on some black wedges and grab my purse. I make my way down to the living room to see Harry already waiting. He sat on the couch looking down at his phone. His hair was in his natural curls but they looked a little more bouncy tonight. He was wearing some cream skinny jeans, a white top, and a grey blazer. He looked good. I probably look terrible compared to him.

"Wow." He says and puts his phone in his back pocket. 

"Um are you ready?" I ask him. He just stares at me. I start to feel slightly insecure. "Harry?"

"Sorry, oh um y-yes I um am sorry." He blurts out. I smile to myself and we walk out the front door together. Out the front of the driveway there is a limo waiting. 

I look at Harry, "Is this for us?" I ask disbelievingly.

He doesn’t answer. I assume it is and get a little excited inside but try not to show anything on the outside. The driver opens the door for us and I climb in with Harry following in after me.

I sit down and Harry sits next to me getting me a drink. "Where are we going to?" I ask which probably came out a bit excitedly but I didn't mean for it to.

Harry chuckles and looks at me and whispers, "Secret."

"But I don't like secrets." I said when Harry handed me my drink, he winked at me. Normally Harry was a lot more outgoing, I couldn't believe what I saw before, Harry looked nervous or something. Surely he has been on dates with many other girls before. I hardly ever go on dates I just go out. Is this even a date? I mean it's set up. People will see it as a date but will we feel it as a date? 

"What are you thinking?" Harry asked softly.

"Uh nothing." I said facing him.

"You've been staring at your glass for the past 4 minutes."

"I was just thinking over some dives and tumbles I was working on." I lied. Harry raised an eyebrow but didn't protest.

I felt the limo brake and I looked out the window. We had arrived at our venue and there is heaps paparazzi outside. 

"Stay close and don't talk to any of them." Harry said to me. The limo driver opened the door and Harry climbed out and waited for me by the door. I climbed out and was shocked by all the cameras and people around. Lights were flashing everywhere and people were shouting out my name. First school today everyone was in my face and now this, woah. I'm just a seven year old girl coming home from diving training. I just dive and I just do what I love. 

I feel Harry's hand and we entwine our fingers together. I smile and we walk along the path up into the restaurant. I walk really closely to Harry leaning into him and hold onto his hand tightly. We make it inside and a waitress came up took us to our table that Harry had reserved. The place was not too fancy, which I like because I'm not a very big fancy person. It's a nice Italian restaurant that is not too busy or loud in here. The place is perfect. 

 The bubbly waitress takes us over to a side table near the back. I didn't really like her personality; I think she was a bit excited to be waitressing Harry. She was really pretty. I let go of Harry's hand and sit down in my seat. 

"Would you like some drinks?" She smiled at Harry but the question was for both of us.

"Can I please have lemonade?" I smiled at her a she scribbled it down on her notepad.

"Same please." Harry smiled at me. 

"Sure!" She said excitedly and left. 

"She was pretty." I said looking at Harry.

"Not really." Harry said. If Harry finds her not pretty he must find me one of the ugliest girl on Earth.

"What are you doing in the studio?" I asked him starting a conversation.

"We are writing a new album, just recording a few songs."

"Sounds like fun." I said.

"It's hard. We aren’t that smart at writing them but we're getting heaps better. It gets pretty crazy in there sometimes."

"I could imagine, Niall was pretty exciting." I chuckled.

"Oh Niall’s not the worst, you should see Louis. And then when we are all together it’s pretty hectic." Harry laughed.

"I could imagine." 

"The other day there was a massive food fight and water fight and Louis went to the toilet and the guys came to tell us off so we all hid and Louis came back and he got in trouble, haha it was so funny. But we were all good kids and helped clean it up."

We laughed and shared funny stories for a few moments. He's a really fun and nice person not to mentions really good looking. The same bubbly waited came to ask us our orders. 

"What would you like?" She asked enthusiastically looking at Harry again with a  bright smile.

"I'll have the Bolognese thanks." I smiled at her.

"Entrée size or meal size? I suggest the Entrée." She smiled rudely at me looking at my body. I felt so embarrassed, I'm so sick of today everyone is being so horrible. Well not everyone but most people. I wasn't going to let this bitch bring me down any further. I looked at Harry and he looked really angry at her. 

"Meal please." I smiled back.

She scribbled it down and turned her attention back to Harry who was looking at me. 

"Carbonara." Harry said to her a bit rudely. She took our menus and walked almost skipped, back to the kitchen. 

"What a bitch." Harry said not very loudly to me.

"Harry!" I said trying to look like it didn't really matter that she practically called me fat. "She is probably a fan and is really excited to see you."

"You're not fat." Harry said looking at me with a straight face.

"Thank you." I smiled at him.

"You're perfect." I looked at him. "You just won third in the Olympic Games. You should be getting treated so much better than you are. Please don't listen to any of them."

"Ok thank you Harry." I smiled at him shyly.

"When do you start training again?" Harry asked changing the topic because the other one was getting kind of awkward but what he said to me was so nice and cute.

"I start back training next week and my next competition is in a month."

"I saw you at the Olympics, Louis and I went and watched."

"I know, Tom showed me you in the crowd."

A waitress came and gave us our food. She was a different one from last time. She was a lot nicer and had a nice smile on her face. I thanked her and she left.

We ate our dinner and talked and laughed. There were no awkward moments. We had a lot of fun. 

 "You finished?" I asked Harry as neither of us had touched our food in the past five minutes.

"Yeah let’s go." I grabbed my purse and walked to the counter standing close to Harry. Harry paid and we made our way to the exit of the restaurant. Our hands met and our fingers entwined together. 

 The paparazzi’s that were out the front have now left and the streets look bare of people. A few cars are out and about but not as many. There is a cool breeze that lightly whips against your face but it’s not too cold.

“Are we going to go home in the limo?” I ask looking around for it.

“Nah, let’s go for a walk.” We started walking along the streets in a peaceful silence. A few people start taking photos but do not swarm us with their flashes and questions. I squeeze Harry’s hand lightly as we walk past the people that are sitting out the front of a restaurant. We walk down a few streets having small talk. We reach a big park and I see there is no one here. We sit down on a hill and I lay down and the soft grass looking up into the sky above me. Harry lies down next to me and watches the sky to.

“You know you can’t see the stars very well in the city.”

“Really?” Harry whispers back.

“In the country the sky is filled with millions of stars that just cover the sky and you sit there and watch really closely for a while and every now and then you see a satellite make its way across the sky. Have you ever slept under the stars?” I turn to look at Harry and nearly kiss him. He face was facing me and he was staring at me.

“No.” He whispered softly. I could feel his hot breathe on my neck as I turned my head back to look at the sky.

“It’s really beautiful. My nanna used to live in the country and she had a farm. We used to go down and visit her. My dad and I would camp outside until the mosquitoes would come and nearly eat us alive so we had to run inside.” I laughed to myself remembering the memory. I miss my dad. I haven’t seen him in over 6 years and I hardly see my mum anymore. It’s weird how families could be so strong and be just like in the movies all happy and loving and get along and then it just turns a page and everything just goes downhill. It’s hard to deal with family issues but I’m glad I have some great friends who helped me with a lot.

“What happened with your parents?” Harry asked me softly.

I sighed, “They split up 6 years ago. My dad took off and I haven’t seen him since. It was just me and my mother and she was great until she found a new man and they decided to travel. I still keep in touch with her. Diving helps me get my mind off things. I have no idea where my mum or dad is at the moment.” I said just letting the words flow out. I feel like I can trust Harry and just tell him anything.

I turned to face Harry, again we were really close. I didn't move neither did Harry. I looked into Harry eyes, they are so beautiful. I look down to his lips and back to his eyes. I could feel Harry lightly grab on to my hand. He slowly started leaning in. Yep that is definitely butterflies I'm feeling in my stomach. I close my eyes and start to lean in too. Our lips were nearly touching. I lightly brush my lips against his teasing him a little.

"OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY STYLES" I hear a 13 year old girl scream to her friend who was standing there super excitedly.

Of course.

We awkwardly stand up helping each other and Harry goes and takes a photo with the two girls. He says good bye and they walk away fangirling. Harry gives me an apologetic smile but I send him a cheesy one back.

"We should probably get going." Harry said.

"Yeah it's not too far to walk." I said and we both started walking home. The wind picked up and I shivered against Harry's arm. He grabbed my arm and rubbed his hand against my skin once lightly.

"You are freezing look at your goose bumps! Here have my jacket." Harry handed me his jacket. I didn't argue because I knew I wouldn't win. He was just being a gentleman, haha.

"Thank you." I smiled at him. He put his arm around me and we walked together back to 'our' flat.

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