They Don't Know About Us (Harry Styles Love Story)

Tess, 18, is making her Olympic dreams come true by making the British diving team. She wins bronze at her first ever Olympic games. England love her and she is all over the media. People like that don't stay at the top forever though. Do they?


4. Chapter 4

 Chapter 4.

We walked together hand in hand down the street to the Chinese place. I've always hated walking down here by myself at night but with someone with me, someone like Harry, I feel safe. 

We made it there and back safely with no paparazzi or fans asking for pictures, thankfully. There were a few people who took some photos on their phone but at least they didn't annoy us.

I unlocked the front door. We sat on the couch eating our food and watching more episodes of Summer Heights High laughing every now and then. Most of the time Harry didn't understand the jokes, which was funny. We watched it for about half an hour eating out food.

"I'll go shopping tomorrow to get some food after school." I said.

"You go to school?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, didn't Erica tell you?"


"Well you can just do whatever around here then."

"It's okay; I have to go to the studio anyway." Harry said giving me a huge cheesy grin.

I laugh at him, "You have food all in your teeth Harry." 

"I was kind of saving that for later." Harry winked at me. "I'll pick you up after school tomorrow."

"Ha, it's ok I can walk." I said then put a mouthful of food in my mouth.

"Well, I want to." He said smiling.

"Well, you don't need to."

"Well, I will."

"Well..." I said not knowing what to say. I smiled at Harry and he laughed at me.

I looked away from him and watch the TV that was playing in front of us. I could see Harry at the corner of my eye watching me. I looked at him and he continued staring at me.

"What?" I asked him and looked into his emerald eyes. Oh god. They are so beautiful. It’s like getting lost in a pool full of green jelly. I snapped back into reality. Harry's lips were slightly curved and he was smirking at me. 

"What?!" I asked him again. 


I looked at him disbelievingly and turned my attention back to the TV. I could still feel his eyes on me so I turned to face him again.

"Stop, what is it?" I said wiping my mouth to see if I had food around it.

"You're cute when you're confused." He said smirking at me.

I had no idea what to say. I have the worst skills with boys, I'm so terrible. I don't really go out much because I usually have training the next morning and I never really have boyfriends. Tom is like my only guy friend and we are just friends.

"Um are you finished?" I asked him standing up with my empty bowl offering to take his.

"Hahaha." Harry laughs at my reaction. 

"Stop it." I winged slightly laughing too.

He smiles at me and stands up following me to the kitchen.

I stand at the sink and start washing up the dishes while Harry stood next to me watching me do it.

"I guess you're one of those girls who talk to heaps of boys at school." Harry said sarcastically.

"Guess again." I told him and he laughed loudly again. "I give them one word answers if they try and talk to me. Which is rude I know but I feel intimidated!" I say slightly embarrassed. 

Harry bent down to my ear, his hot breathe tickling my skin and he whispered, "I like those types of girls." 

I turned around and faced him with my wet hands still in the soapy sink water. He had a smile on his face proud that he had made me uncomfortable.


"Thank you."

"Do you enjoy doing that?" I asked.

"Doing what?" He said looking confused.

"Making people feel uncomfortable or is it just fun to do it to me?" 

"Just you baby." He winked at me. "I'm going to go have a shower." He said and walked off down the hall.

I do not know what is going on. I know that that was all a joke what just happened but did I feel something or was it just because I don't really talk to males like that? I'm sure he probably felt nothing. I don't even know if what I felt was something. Did I feel anything? Well I did almost melt looking into his eyes.

I finished up the dishes and went and sat back down on the couch waiting for Harry. I got out my laptop and went onto Facebook. Thank God I didn't see anything about me and Harry. I replied to a few messages and denied a few friend requests. 

My phone buzzed and I received a message from Erica.

From: Erica

"Hey hun! Send Harry a tweet even though you are with him."

Arghh. I log onto twitter and find Harry's profile. I tweeted him.

"@Harry_Styles I said, 'Puck you Sir'".

What was I meant to say? I don't care what I say.

Harry walked into the room only wearing his boxers. I wanted to tell him off but I was completely speechless. Sure I see boys with no top on all the time, I do diving! I focused back on my laptop screen and I felt Harry sit down beside, very closely.

"I saw your tweet." Harry said quietly with amusement in his tone.

"Shut up, Erica made me do that." I said quietly.

"I guessed that." 

I sighed and closed my laptop putting it on the table in front of me.

"I'll go have a shower." I said standing up.

I walked off and Harry said, "Have fun." I slowed down rolled my eyes and kept walking with my back still facing him.

I had a quick shower and put on some pyjama shorts and a large tank top. I decided on wearing a bra because I have to share the bed with Harry and he likes to make things awkward for me. I brushed my teeth then made my way down to the lounge room.

I walked into the lounge room and Harry was sitting on the couch patting my cat. I turned off the TV and lights and Harry followed me back to 'our' room.

I jumped into my side of the bed and Harry stood over at his fiddling with his phone and his charger.

He put it down on the bedside table and asked me, "Can I sleep naked?" 

"No Harry!" I said quickly and loudly.

He chuckled and climbed into bed next to me. 

"Goodnight, Tess." 

"Goodnight." I replied softly.

A few moments later I feel Harry's feet start to touch mine. I turn around quickly and he starts laughing at me again.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

He laughs again.

"Why do you find it so amusing?!" I say with a hint of laughter in my voice. 

He leans over and plants a soft kiss on my cheek. I'm glad it's dark in here because I can feel myself blushing.

"Goodnight, Harry."

"Goodnight beautiful." I ignored his comment and closed my eyes listening to the quiet, soothing sound of his breathing.

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