They Don't Know About Us (Harry Styles Love Story)

Tess, 18, is making her Olympic dreams come true by making the British diving team. She wins bronze at her first ever Olympic games. England love her and she is all over the media. People like that don't stay at the top forever though. Do they?


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2.

*2 weeks later*

The last 2 weeks have been a blur. I haven't gone to school because I have been so busy doing publicity, meetings, perfecting our dives, eating and sleeping well. I feel ready. My mind feels ready.

Today is finally the big day.

The Olympics have been going for nearly a week and we have been at the pool every day to support our team.

I jumped out of bed at our hotel and got ready. Today is going to be one of the biggest days of my life and I am feeling fresh and ready but also so nervous. I put on my uniform and a tiny bit of make up and made my way down to breakfast.

I ran into Tom in the hallway.

"Tess!" Tom said and pulled me into a hug.

"Hey!" I said hugging him back.

"Feeling good? You will do amazing today!" Tom said as we started making our way down to the dining hall.

"Thanks I'm so nervous. But I'm feeling great, I slept well." I said smiling.

"Nerves are good! Just pretend it’s only you and me and we are at training."

"Yeah just a little more serious." I said slightly laughing.

"Haha yeah, but I know you will nail it, those dives you were doing in training were podium worth!" Tom said and smiled at me. I return the smile thanking him.

We walk into the dining hall and receive a clap from everyone in the team. I smile as we walked to sit down at our table. It's kind of a team ritual. Every morning we applaud the people who are competing today when they enter the room.



'This is it. This is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. I can do this. Yes, I have trained so hard.' I said to myself as I stood at the edge of the 10 meter platform. I spotted my friends in the crowd all looking nervous for me as I stood about to jump. Unfortunately my mum couldn't come today but she told me she believed I could do it.

Her words rang in my head as I waited for my body to jump.

'I believe in you.'

'I believe in you.'

'I believe in you.'

I have done this hundreds of times before.


My feet sprung off the platform and my body rotated around quickly flipping through the air. I completed a back 2 1/5 summersault pike. My hands found the water and my body followed diving into the water smoothly. I swam to the surface to see the whole crowd up on their feet cheering.

I have never felt so much better in my life! I don't think I will ever be able to wipe the smile off my face off. I gave them a wave and walked over to the interviewer who was waiting for me. I answered a few questions for them and had a laugh and thanked my coaches and friends and family. The interview finished and I made my way under pool deck which is kind of like back stage.

Tom ran up to me straight away and gave me a massive hug.

"That was so amazing! You will medal for sure. Aww I'm so proud of you." He said handing me my shammy towel. Tom really is the best team mate anyone could ask for.

"Thank you oh my god I can't believe it’s just over like that, I mean years of training bought down to a few seconds in the air." I said disbelievingly.

"This is only the beginning for you." It was finally time for my results and we watched the judges give us my score.

The screen lit up and showed my overall score.


Wow! A new personal best! My team mates all came and hugged me and congratulated me including my coach who said he is so proud of me. 

I don't know but I hope my score will qualify for a medal, if not I tried my hardest and that’s all I can do, I am already so happy as it is. 

I went and had a quick shower and put back on my team uniform. I tried to keep myself occupied so I didn't going insane waiting to find out everyone’s results. So far I am in 3rd place and there is still 2 more divers. 

I sat next to Tom up in the stand with the team. 

"Guess who's here watching you." Tom said pointing across the stands opposite us.

"Where am I looking?" I ask confused.

"Just to the left of the 3 girls in yellow." My eyes widened as I recognised two members of One Direction, Harry and Louis. I'm not a huge fan of One Direction but I do know their names and I like a few of their songs.

"Oh my god." I said with shocked. Tom laughed at my reaction.

"Haha, let's watch these last 2 dives."

The next girl got a score lower than mine and I was so nervous for the next.

I gripped onto Tom's arm as the girl stood on the edge of the platform. She jumped off the platform and did a number of tumbles until her hands found the water quite early, her back started arching and she almost did a back-wacker! Ouch! 

We waited for about 20 seconds and then the score was showed up on the screen…


I did it! I medalled at my first ever Olympic games! I can't believe that all this hard work has payed off so well!

My team and I jumped up and they all ran over to me giving me a hug and saying well done to me. With all the blur going on around me I spotted my friends in the crowd and they were cheering for me. I gave them a big wave.

After my team and coaches congratulated me I was ushered into a room to be organised for the medal ceremony. I chatted with the other two girls as they made our appearances clean and presentable. They quickly went through what we were meant to do and then we were ushered away. 

I was ready for one of the best moments of my life. 


*2 weeks later*

It's been a few days since the closing ceremony for the Olympics happened. Everything was just so surreal being in there. But most of all I achieve a dream and my friends and family were here to support me. Well my family through phone unfortunately.

Last night I had a sleepover in my flat with some friends; Jemma, Rachael and Aria.

It's 10 O’clock in the morning and they are all still asleep. Well I am a bit of an early riser some times. I didn't want to wake them up so I got up and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. 

I decided to treat my body and make pancakes seeing as it's been on a healthy diet for the past 4 years. 

I got out a recipe book because I have no idea how to make them.

I combined and mixed all the ingredients together started frying the first batch in the fry pan. By the time I had finished it all my friends had woken up to the smell and made their way down to the kitchen. 

"Mmm yum." Rachael said sitting on the stool on the counter. 

Aria went to help out and started getting the toppings out while Jemma joined Rachael.

"Umm, where's the ice-cream?" Aria asked looking in the freezer.

"Yeah, I uh, don't have any..." 

"Haha I’m so proud of you.” Aria said smiling at me. I sent her a cheesy grin.

"Oh there might be some whipped cream in the fridge and frozen raspberries in the freezer." I suggested.

"Yum." Aria said and put them on the table. I put all the pancakes on a plate and we all went over to the table to sit.

We joked and laughed and talked just like best friends do.

My phone buzzed on the table behind us and I stood up to get it.

I read the message a loud, "It's from my publicity manager she says, Hi Tess meeting in my office today 12 pm."

I sighed looking at the time, it's 11.

I sat back down and finished my breakfast with the girls.

"What do you think it's about?" Rachael asked me.

"I have no idea, probably just a photo shoot or something like that knowing Erica." Erica's my publicist she’s a bit annoying but she just does her job. 

"Anyway I should go have a shower and get ready." I said as I finished my pancakes and stood up.

"Sure, we'll clean up." Jemma said smiling at me and I smiled back as I left the room.

Max, my cat followed me up to my room. I picked him up and carried him. Oh how I missed him when Jemma was looking after him. 

I had a quick shower and put on some make up. I went to my wardrobe and decided on some skinny jeans and loose grey singlet. I made my way down to the kitchen to see that it was all cleaned up.

"Oh thank you so much!" I said as I walked quickly across the room grabbing my phone and my bag. 

"Thanks for coming over it was so nice catching up." I said standing by the front door.

"That’s fine! Thank you." Aria spoke.

"We will be out of here before you're home." Rachael said.

"Bye!" Jemma said waving.

I walked out the front door and jumped into my car making my way to Erica's office.

I parked in the pool complex's parking lot and walked inside to where the offices are.

I said hi to a few people I knew on the way to Erica’s office. 

The door was open; I stood in the doorway and looked into her office. She sat at her desk talking with a boy sitting opposite her with his back facing me. I cleared my throat and the both turned to look at me. My stomach flipped when the boy turned around.

Harry Styles.

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