Falling Into Place

This is the story of how I, Shyanne Lunn, ended up dating my best friend.


1. Falling into Place

I stared at him in minor shock. Minor because I kinda knew this was coming. I'd known him for six years,and,come on, knowing someone for that long, you tend to know what's going on in their head. I realize you don't know who "he" is. And yet you do. Ill bet you fangirl with your best friend over him. You've got posters of him and his four (other) best friends all over your bedroom walls. Yep, my best friend of six years is Zayn. Zayn Malik of one direction. Yeah, I know "oh my GAWD she knows the boys! I can't even!" I get it. They're all amazingly talented and funny and gorgeous. And my best friends. I've known the other boys only as long as Zayn had obviously. He pulled me back to the present by calling my name and waving his hand in front of my face. "Shyanne!yes or no?!" He asked, tense. "I uh, I...ye-yes!" I stutter. Background info: I used to fangirl over Zayn. When we were younger and our friendship had just began. We would spend the night at his house and stay up talking and watching movies and when it got too late to keep our eyes open, I'd always fall asleep in his bed all snuggled up in him. It was nice...and normal. And then he'd asked me that question, that made me think that maybe everything was falling into place, and that my best friend was considering me to be more than a friend. "Will you be my valentine? And my...my girlfriend?" My best friend asked me out. And I said yes.
It was finally here. Valentines day. The day my boyfriend Zayn would take me out. For some reason he'd insisted on me packing some showy clothes. Which, me being a girl I didn't mind it was just...where were we going that I had to pack? As I stood in the house we'd shared since he decided to go on the X factor, I couldn't help but run things over in my mind. When he'd asked me to move in with him, I think that's when his feelings started to show. He seemed nervous to be asking me. Which was weirdly adorable. Zayn has always had one of those faces that made anything adorable. I envied him, although he said just yesterday he's always thought the same about me. God bless, he was an awesome bast friend, and as I'd always imagined, an even better boyfriend. He was so...lovable! And an amazing kisser. Gentle yet passionate. As I stood thinking about how he'd kissed me the night I said yes, I felt his strong arms snake around my waist. As always, I had an army of butterflies attack my stomach. "Hello love", he whispered. I could hear the smile in his voice. I decided I should tell him how I've felt since I saw him that day, six years ago. "Zayn, babe I gotta tell you something." I hated how my American accent destroyed his pet name. His British accent made me feel like a princess when he talked to me, called me pet names. "Yeah love what is it?" He asked turning me to face him. Oh god his eyes, I think to myself, getting weak in the knees as always. "I've been dying to tell you that since the moment I saw you, i have had a huge crush on you." I let out in one breath. That was easy. "Me too" he said simply with my favorite crooked smile. "Wait, what?! Really? Me?" I ask astounded. He laughs; god that was the best sound ever. Before he could answer, guess who barges into my room? None other than the other members of the band. "Ready to go shy?" Harry asked me, winking and smiling his dimply smile. I laugh and retort "I've still got no idea where I'm going!" I look at Niall for help. "Don' look at meh food buddy. I'm sworn teh secrecy" he shrugs. This meant they were all in on it. "You'll have fun shy shy, we promise," Louis says winking. Besides the fact that Lou had an uncanny ability to tell when Zayn and I were getting...intimately close and "unintentionally" would interrupt, he was still, besides Niall and Zayn, the one I was probably closest to. So I believed him. As we all stepped into the limo (we were going to the airport, since the next stop of the tour was elsewhere tomorrow night.) "Not where I'm taking you, I promise" Zayn had said. I believed him. He wouldn't be that careless to take me on a date to the same place the next concert was going to be held. Plus, he was much too extravagant for that. I knew the concert was in Scotland, but tonight's destination was specifically for this, he and I. The boys were along because it was pointless for Zayn to leave home on the jet with only me and our weeks worth of clothes in tow, only to have the jet come back for the others tomorrow morning. As it was, it was eight o'clock. I had a few hours to kill on the jet so I skyped my best friend Tapanga, then let her talk to Niall. There was a mutual yet unspoken attraction between the two since I'd introduced them. It was cute. I fell asleep as I watched them kiss each other goodbye and wish each other were together today. I woke up to Zayns lips on mine. That never failed to put me in a good mood. "We're here love" he said smiling. "Get dressed first though." I realized he was wearing a tux. Awwhhh, it was a super fancy date. I grabbed my shoes and dress I'd bought earlier that week. He hadn't seen the outfit yet but I knew he'd flip for it. I walked off the jet onto the tarmac too see him and the others waiting for me. They all gaped at me, making me slightly uncomfortable. I was wearing black stilettos with a red flowing gown that had a slit in the leg up to my mid thigh. I cleared my throat, making their mouths shut at once. The boys hop in a cab, waving out the back window. I look to Zayn. God I'm so lucky, I think to myself. He opens the door to a limo and I get in, realizing two things. Neither of us has said anything yet, and I still didn't know where I was. I snuggle into his neck, remembering all the times I've done it before, but how this felt was different. Because he was finally mine.
We ended up going to the one place I'd only ever dreamed of being on Valentines Day with Zayn. The Eiffel Tower. It was...amazing. Beautiful. Mind blowing. Everything id ever dreamed of. With the man I'd always dreamed of. He was watching me look at the stars, I could feel his eyes on me. He had his right arm around my body and was holding my left hand in his. "As cheesy and cliche as this is," he began,"it has never been more true. Those stars are hideous. You...you're just beautiful". I looked at him with the most ridiculous smile on my face. "I want to tell you something Shyanne. I can see you and I years from now, still together. Still happy, and in love. I can't see me with anyone else." And with that he tenderly cupped my face in his hand and kissed me long and slow. It took awhile for us to pull away. But when we did, in unison, we uttered the same words. "I love you".
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