Hold me

Hi, I'm Missy. I just came to Worthenton Academy High School. Nobody really knows me, they are all famous. I'm just a nobody. Except this one guy has been really nice to me, he is in this band called One Direction. His name is Harry, he is the only one that has been there for me.


2. New House

*Missy's POV*

I looked out of the window next to me, it was so dark. Well, there is an 8 hour difference, plus the flight took forever. Outside was lit up with dim, old light posts on the street, compared to the bright, new lights on the plane highway. It was February 6, 2013 I was moving to a new life. Everything passed by quickly, next thing you know I'm standing outside my new house. It was a medium sized house, with a dark blue coat of paint over it and one huge window, the other houses in the neighbor hood had a similar structure. I took a long, deep breath. This is where I am going to spend the rest of my teenage years, maybe more. I slowly opened the dark, wooden door. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous but excited. As soon as I saw the house, I let out a shriek. It was beautiful, from the outside it looked a bit on the small side, but on the inside it was fully decked out, and had a ton of space. I ran around to see where the bedrooms are. There was two huge rooms one obviously bigger than the other, I guessed I was getting the smaller one. I started unpacking, I unzipped one of the many suitcases I had. 

"What are you doing?" An unfamiliar deep voice growled, I turned around to see a boy about the same age as me (17) with dark brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes that looked fierce. I was scared, who was he? He is pretty intimidating and sketchy.

"Um.. my parents just bought this house, I thought I should just start unpacking." I explained myself. His defensive, tense body started to relax. 

"Erm.. we haven't officially met. I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He held out his hand for me to shake it, I jumped back a bit at this. I have trust problems, I hate strangers. Thats one of the many reasons why I don't have any friends. 

"I-I'm Missy, nice to meet you" I hesitantly shook his soft, warm hands. 

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