Hold me

Hi, I'm Missy. I just came to Worthenton Academy High School. Nobody really knows me, they are all famous. I'm just a nobody. Except this one guy has been really nice to me, he is in this band called One Direction. His name is Harry, he is the only one that has been there for me.


3. Harry Styles

*Missy's POV* 

My dad peered through the doorway, "Ah! Missy, I see you have met Harry. He is a good boy, he is the loaner of this house, also he decided to show you around town and your new school. You two are in the same grade, maybe you will be in the same classes." My dad said rather giddily, i guess he was just happy I got a friend already. "I'll just leave you two alone" he added, shutting the door. 

Harry nervously laughed and was playing with the sweatshirt he had on. "So..erm tomorrow I will pick you up and drive you to school, if that's okay with you." His eyes wandered around the room. I nodded my head, i felt something I never have before when i'm with him. Don't be silly Missy, he probably already has a girlfriend besides, you just met him. . He pointed to my bags, "Do you need any help?" he asked.

"Yeah that would be great, thanks" I pulled out my speakers and my phone, and turned on the music, Ed Sheeran of course!

"You like Ed?" he surprisingly asked. "Yeah why?" "He's a good friend of mine." he announced. I gave a chuckle 

"Oh sure he is!" I pretended to faint on the bed. "Oh no! You can't faint on me, I'm afraid of what your dad would say. Wake up!" he shook me. He tickled me, I am very ticklish. 

"Harry...Stop....I,,Can't..Breathe!" I said in between laughs. He put his hands up. For a second we both just lied there staring in each others eyes. He came closer to me, my breath hitched. Soon he was a bit to close, I turned my head so his lips came in contact with my cheek. He nervously stood up and cleared his throat. 

"I'm sorry for that Missy, I don't know what overcame me. It's just nobody has ever made me feel this way" he expressed his thoughts.


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