Hold me

Hi, I'm Missy. I just came to Worthenton Academy High School. Nobody really knows me, they are all famous. I'm just a nobody. Except this one guy has been really nice to me, he is in this band called One Direction. His name is Harry, he is the only one that has been there for me.


1. Moving

*Missy's POV*

My face lightened up, "Seriously?!" I nearly had screamed in my parents ears.

"I thought you would be sad about this, but yes we are moving. Your father got a new job in England." My mother explained to me. I didn't care why, I was just happy to move. I shooed my parent out of my bedroom, I needed to pack. I couldn't wait, a new life, in England! I stashed everything in every bag that I had, for some I had to squish everything in. I never knew I had so many things! The only thing I would miss in this town is the woods I always walk in to escape from the world. Nobody really ever was my friend, people were friendly but no one liked me. New area, new school, new me. 


'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP' My alarm clock rang. I woke up with a burst of joy. Today is the day, the day I am  moving to England. I cannot wait, I finally get to get out of Massachusetts! I was the first out of the house, "Come on!" I shouted at my parents, they were trailing behind me, trying to catch up. I threw all my bags into the car and sat impatiently in the back seat. After a while, my parents came to the care with three cups of coffee and many pillows. My mum gave me a cup of joe, I took a sip. Yum, creamy and sweet, just the way I like it. It felt like forever until we got to the airport, it took longer to go through all the security. There was one girl who wore 50 lbs of metal and walked through the metal detector. Gosh, some people don't think! After that stupid person that took an hour to take off all that weight, we finally got on the plane.

I put all my bags except for my green nike jaw-sting bag in a small compartment. I sat at my assigned seat and the plane was slowly drifting up into the air. This (and the landing) was the scariest moments on a plane. As soon as we were propped up into the air, I was bored. I had no idea what to do. Others around me were either sleeping or trying to push away a person who was sleeping. I tried to sleep but I was too excited. I also tried watching a movie or tv show and wasn't interested in anything. I tried listening to music, and I wasn't really in the mood. 'What can I do?' I asked myself. My parents were to busy in their own world, that I didn't really want to bother them.

"You are free to move about the cabin" The captain spoke, almost everyone got up and headed for the toilets. For the next couple of hours, I just stared of into space or watched random, boring movies. My dad sat right next to me, and he fell asleep on me. I wouldn't really care if he fell asleep on me, I just hate how loud he snores. He woke up half of the cabin that was asleep. When it was finally time to land, I shook my dad awake and was literally jumping up and down. Maybe I shouldn't have had that coffee earlier.

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