White lies

5 weeks tell her 15th birthday Bella gets a call. Bella loan has canser. Finding out her last day to live was on her birthday. Somebody comes into her life, somebody with blond hair with a a Irish voice. And changes everything.


3. When?

2 days later****
It was morning, I had to go to the doctors today to see if they could get me help, if it was not that bad. The car ride was silent. We walked into the into the doctors office quiet. They took a scan to my chest. My mom was with me, I looked at her then she looked at the doctor. The doctor came in and asked my mom if he could speak to her alown. I walked out the room and into the waiting room. It felt like I was waiting for hours, but it was only 5 minutes when my mom came out crying. "What is it mom?"
She was quiet, not a word came out. The doctor walked over and sat me down. "What's happening?" I said scard.
"Bella, we can't manège to get it out, you only have 5 weeks to live, I know, this is hard to take in. But if there was any...... Anything we could do we would.
"But in 5 weeks is my birthday!" Tears started to run down my cheeks. I got up and ran, I ran out of the doctors office, I wanted it to stop. The pain was so hard to take in. I ran to a little spot that know one knows about under a willow tree. I sat there crying my eyes out. I never really cryed but this was hard, I just had to let it out.
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