White lies

5 weeks tell her 15th birthday Bella gets a call. Bella loan has canser. Finding out her last day to live was on her birthday. Somebody comes into her life, somebody with blond hair with a a Irish voice. And changes everything.


4. Somebody is coming

As I sat there I could here some boys coming. But how? How did they know about my hideout? I could here them getting closer. I ran and hid, I was never really good at hiding that much. Then I saw them. They looked like I have seen them somewhere. A boy with blond hair, light blue eyes was walking closer to me. "We'll hello there," he said in a Irish voice. "Hi," I replied.
"Are you okay love?" He asked.
"Ow, it's nothing. Just some bad news, that's all" I managed to say that all with out crying, then it came, a tear after tear. He bent down and gave me a hug. "Did you want talk about it?" He asked "My friends over there are really nice. He said pointing to 4 boys. I nodded, when he hugged me I felt safe. I walked over and told them everything. They looked at me sad, I didn't mean to make them sad. "Love, where do you live? We better get you home"
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