White lies

5 weeks tell her 15th birthday Bella gets a call. Bella loan has canser. Finding out her last day to live was on her birthday. Somebody comes into her life, somebody with blond hair with a a Irish voice. And changes everything.


5. Mom, meet 1D

I got into the car, they asked me if I recognized them. "No," they looked at me with there mouths wide open. "Love, we are 1 Direction" I look at them, "I thought I recognized you some where" when we got to my house they walked me to my front door. I opened It and there was my mom crying. She came overs and gave me a hug. "Mom, meet 1D"
"Bella, where have you been? I was looking for you everywhere" "Mom, I'm almost 15 and I think I can take care of my self!" I yelled at my mom. She gave me a stare. I look at the boys and saw them just staring at me. "We'll, we have to take off now, here's are Nummber, call us any time, ok?" The blond one said. "Wait, I kinda don't really no you're names, the blond one walked up to me and said "Niall, Liam, Zayn ,Harry and Louis." I giggled as he walked away.
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