The one chance for love

Im just a usual, unpopular, fugly girl who no one has really any intrest with being friends with. I always fall for the people who i go full retard mode on, but one day changed all of that.


1. The day i died

I couldn't take this anymore! Everyone but my "friends" hate me. I know what your thinking, why does she have air quotes around friends? Because they hurt me, they spread rumors about me and act like nothing ever happened. My parents... Lets just say i was going to be with them since the wreck. I just wanted to meet my favorite band, at least once, luckily for me i got the chance to. I was running to jump from a bridge or atleast make sure that i can die from jumping off of it . The rain was soaking me to my bones, i left my phone and everything else at my house so i wouldnt worry about it getting wet and shocking me and then killing me. Doesnt make sense huh? It always works in my head, anyways, i was running to the bridge and i ran into someone, not wanting to have any more pain or guilt i said "im sorry, i hope you can forgive me." I got up to help the person up and guess who i ran into, Harry Flippin' Styles. "Oh my god im so so so so sorry!" He replied "its alright i wasn't paying any attention. Out of question why were you running? You could slip or something." "I know, i was going to see a bridge and then try to meet you and the rest of the boys at a signing or something and then complete my task." "What task? Please tell me you weren't going to jump off that bridge you mentioned." I was speechless. How could he figure it out? "You have so much to live for, come with me and lets get you some dry clothes. Lets take my car." "Mama said never to take rides from strangers." He looked at me weird. " but with you i'll make the exception." That put a smile on his face. Im glad i can make someone smile. When he pulled the car out of the parking space he broke the little moment of silence and said "i never caught your name love, what is it?" "Holley" i blushed a little, "a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." That made me blush some more. "So where do you live?" I look at him and said "why are you going to kidnap me in the middle of the night?" I said a little sarcasticly, "maybe." He replied. I immediately faked freaking out. "Im just kidding! We need to get you some dry clothes and then head to my place to meet the rest of the boys, by the way would you like to have dinner with us?" "If thats ok with you and the other guys." "They should be fine with it, while you get changed ill text them and find out." "Ok cool." He started giggling, "what is there something on my back?" I turned and looked "no you just have a funny way of choosing words." "Im sorry." "For what?" "People make fun of the way i talk so they beat me up until i apoligize. Thats why im usually very quiet and apoligize alot." "Who are they? Where do they live? And do you have a shovel?" I laughed a little and said "thats usually what i say when someone hurts my true friends." "Lets talk some more whn you get changed into some dry clothes. In other words we're here." I smiled and said thanks " wanna come in? Its not the cleanest place in the world but its not the dump either." He laughed and said "sure" i walked in which surprised harry a little "shouldn't you lock your door?" "I dont have anything to steal." "But your heart." "What do you mean?" "Go get changed and i'll show you." "Ok..." I went and put on a cute little top and some skinny jeans that my mom bought before the wreck happend. When i came down harry was looking at some pictures on the wall, i creeped around him and saw the picture he was lookin at, it was the one of my mom, dad, and me standing infront of the beach, i was holding a gold medal i won for swimming the fastest out and back, i had to hurry bacause a shark was coming after me. "What did you win?" He asked. "Fastest swimmer, not a big deal... I was being chased by a great white so... Yeah." "Back up the truck you were being chased by a shark?" "Yup." I said poppin the p. "wow. So you ready?" "Yeah let me get my boots and purse an i'll be ready." "Ok." He began looking at the other pictures of my accomplishments and other pictures. "Ok im ready." "How many medals have you won?" "5 or 6." "Wow, smart and fast, i like that." I blushed a little and said thanks. When we were in the car he asked me a question that sounded a lot like a song off of take me home, "so holley, i know we met like an hour or so ago but i think your nice and sweet and i was wondering, would you like to go out with me?" I was fangirling on the inside... And a little on the outside "Yes! I would love to!" "Tomorrow evening? Say 7?" "That sounds lovely, by the way why did the boys say?" "They said that it would be fun having a girl over for once." "Wait, dont Zayn, louis, and niall have girlfriends?" "Yeah but they all were on vacation or something so we've been partying with some of the other band members and paul." I giggled at the thought of paul partying with the boys. "Whats so funny?" "Im imagining paul partying with you guys." That sent him laughing, "oh my gosh if he actually danced then that would be hilarious!" When we got to his house, the other boys were trying to act civilized, trying. Harry an i walked in to Zayn and Louis having a stand off, Zayn was holding louis' carrots and Louis was threating to throw Zayn's mirror down and break it. Niall and liam were arguing about some character. I whispered to harry, "i know how to make them behave." "Go for it." "Plug your ears!" He did as i said and i let out the most high pitched, bloody murder scream ever, oh yeah, i got their attention. "What was that?! Is somebody being murdered or something?!" I gave a brief smile, remember that wreck that i said happened to my parents? Well, they were assassinated, im always skittish when somebody brings up a murder or jokes about it and stuff like that. " Guys this is Holley!" The boys were looking at me, im pretty sure Louis was judging my style or something. "Sorry." I whispered. "What for?" "Long story." I said a little louder but still a whisper, Harry began to walk over to me, "Holley, I'm sure the bous have time for your story, don't you guys?" "Yeah we-" i cut them off. "Do you have 18 years open or think the outside of me looks sad?" "Well you do look kinda sad and off..." "Well thank you for being honest and if you think the outside of me looks sad, them your not strong enough to face the inside..." They all looked at me with pity in their eyes, I don't want them caught up in my mess called life. "Im sorry, i think i need to go, see you guys later." "I tirned and ran out the door. As i ran i thought i heard someone chasing me but I ignored it. I couldn't stop thinking how much i've screwed up so many things, my life, my parents lives, my "friends lives, my true friends' lives, the boys' lives, and Harry's life. Why was i such a mess! I didn't realize i was crying untill i ran into my house, wasn't Harry's or who evers flat atleast 20 minutes from my house? Oh well. I went and got the "letter" i wrote and changed into what i wanted to die in. I put the note on the door but out of the rain, who ever finds it can file me for dead or whatever. I ran the same way as i did when i bumped into Harry. As i was running i saw a few cars go by. I wish i could just drive all the bad memories and leave them somewhere, but i know i can't. This seems like the only solution. When i get to the bridge, i realize something. My whole life was a tragedy, i was bullied all throughout my school days, had an abusive step-brother who didn't want anything to do with me, all i could think of was reasons why i should jump and let go of my problems, which is what i was planning on doing. Untill i was tackled.

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