This is the story of me , lily , and my sister Lynn. Thats rite lily and Lynn our last name is Jones but at school i'm referred to as 'the suck-up' whatever that means. But PLOT TWIST!! i turn out to be running from the law with my Lynn will we get caught?


1. The 'suck-up'

Rite now i'm in what they the lowlands of high-school.  Oh and by the way i'm lily, lily Jones.  i'm sick of being called "suck-up, nerd, dweeb."  Suck-up is the worst because i'm not even sure what that means!  I always get straight a's teachers trust me and i'm sick of it!

"Mrs.hayfeild!" I shouted

"Yes dear." she smiled 

"I'm going to the bathroom."I stood up and stomped out the door my curls and bangs were bouncing with my frustration.  I slammed the door behind me.  down the hall i saw the principal of course i slithered my way by him no one notices me half the time, i'm as skinny as a rail ,who would.  Of course I went to the bathroom that would be lying and I really had to pee.  Now i'm on my way to the other side of the school to get my ungrateful twrop  of a twin they call Lynn.  She's a pain in the butt, but i love that slob of a sister any way! 

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