Then I Met You

All Allie, Taylor and Adriana want to do is see their favorite band, One Direction. When they finally walk up to the table to meet the band, sparks start flying. Liam seems fascinated by Adriana's responsible, yet fun, personality. Louis has found his other half in Taylor, who is like him in every single way. Allie thinks that Niall is the one for her, but see's herself looking at Harry, and see's Harry looking back at her.


2. Niall Horan

I made my way over to Niall, careful not to look too anxious or nervous. Sarah, Adriana and Taylor all got their pictures with Niall and as Taylor finally stepped away, I took a deep breath and awkwardly made my way up to the table.

“Hi, Niall.” I said, sheepishly.

“’Ello, there.” He said as he signed, not bothering to look up. When he finally did look up at me, I was instantly caught in those bright blue eyes. His blonde hair was messy and brown roots were sticking out all over the place. A lazy smile drifted over his face. “What’s your name?” He said in that gorgeous Irish accent as he handed me back my paper.

“Allie.” I said. “Do you think I could get a pict—”

I was cut off as a security guard jerked me away from the table. “Your time is up.” He said gruffly, as he ushered me away from Niall. “We have to keep the line moving along.”

“Wait!” Niall called out. The security guard stopped jerking me and paused long enough to hear Niall say, “I want to take a picture with her.”

The security officer made an exasperated sound, but let go of me. I walked back over to Niall and handed my camera to Taylor who was watching the whole exchange. Sarah and Adriana were stood off to the side waiting for us. I made my way around the table and spoke softly to Niall, “Thank you, but you didn’t have to do that.”

He smiled and said, “These security guards act as if they have sticks up their asses. I’d be glad to take a picture with you.” He wrapped one strong arm around my middle and pulled me against his side. He was warm and smelt delicious. I wrapped one arm around his waist and looked up to catch him watching me.

I fumbled in my pocket and produced the folded sheet of paper, suddenly remembering that I had written a letter for him. “This,” I said, handing it to him. “Is for you.”

He raised one eyebrow, but smiled and tucked the paper away in his pocket. We turned to Taylor who winked at me behind the camera. We both smiled at the camera and the bright flash went off, temporarily blinding me. Niall blinked several times, looking dazed. “Ouch.”

I chuckled. “Sorry, I know it’s a bit bright.”

“Don’t worry about it,” He said, grinning cheekily. “And thank you for the note, I’ll be sure to read it later when we get back to the hotel.” He grinned, his signature Niall Horan grin and my heart fluttered awkwardly in my chest.

I took a step back and smiled. “Thank you again, Niall.”

It was his turn to look confused. “For what?”

“Everything.” And with that, I smiled, turned on my heels and left him standing there, watching me walk away. I made my way over to Taylor and took the camera from her so that I could look at the picture she had taken of me and Niall. It was a sweet picture, and we both were grinning so I was happy and satisfied.

I looked back at the table, watching as Niall and Harry exchanged words in hushed tones. I was a bit surprised when Harry’s eyes snapped to me and then back to Niall. I read his lips and recognized the word “her?” I tore my eyes away from them, trying to distract myself from their private conversation, but curiosity got the better of me.

I looked back at Harry and Niall, surprised to see them both looking over at me slyly. I jumped a little and let out a shaky breath. Niall smiled and Harry laughed, but neither of them stopped looking over. I could feel the blush creeping up my neck and quickly turned to Adriana, flinging my long dark brown hair over my shoulder as a shield. “Ready to go?”

She was watching something over my shoulder and I turned to see Liam raise a hand in a subtle wave. He smiled at her and she waved back. She turned away from him and looked down at me, “Yeah… I guess.”

I turned to Sarah to find her staring at Harry with a look of wanting on her face. Sarah sighed, pouting her thin lips. “Oh God, Harry is too cute.”

Taylor and I rolled our eyes and Adriana snorted. Adriana and Sarah didn’t have the best history, and Adriana pretty much loathed the girl, but she put up with her for mine and Taylor’s sake. Adriana and I had known each other for about thirteen years, and Taylor and I had known each other about nine, almost ten.

Adriana and I bowled together in a league we’d been in since kids, but the league had just recently ending and we’d be starting in the adult leagues in the fall. I could technically still bowl youth because I was under eighteen, but Adriana would be nineteen before the league started and she wanted to start the adult leagues.

Taylor and I had met in fifth grade and became fast friends in sixth. We’d been together ever since. We’d met Sarah when a mutual friend had introduced us in seventh grade. She and I were good friends, but Taylor and Adriana often told me of their disliking towards her. We had all graduated earlier this month, and Adriana had graduated the year before because she was a year ahead of us.

Taylor and I lived across the street from each other, and Sarah and Adriana lived about half an hour away from us. Adriana was still looking for a good college with a bowling team and she’d taken a year off to relax before college. She had an idea of what she wanted to do later on in life, but she wasn’t positive yet.

I wanted to take some time to study abroad in England with Taylor and Adriana’s cousin, Ciara, who was a good friend of mine. We had to get money saved up for it however. Money was tight right now, and I was still looking for a job close to home. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and glanced at the time.

“It’s nearly midnight,” I announced, grimacing slightly.

“Let’s get out of here,” Adriana said, wiping her hand across her forehead. It was really hot in here and was probably just as hot outside. It was the end of May right now, almost June so it was starting to get hot during the night as well as day. “I need air conditioning.”

The four of us made our way to the doors that headed outside. Adriana pushed the door open and led us outside. I grimaced at the sticky feeling in the air, but shrugged it off as we headed it the car.

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