Then I Met You

All Allie, Taylor and Adriana want to do is see their favorite band, One Direction. When they finally walk up to the table to meet the band, sparks start flying. Liam seems fascinated by Adriana's responsible, yet fun, personality. Louis has found his other half in Taylor, who is like him in every single way. Allie thinks that Niall is the one for her, but see's herself looking at Harry, and see's Harry looking back at her.


3. Car troubles

We made our way across the street to the large parking garage across from the Verizon Center in DC. We started running when the rain came. One second it was just the normal hot, disgusting air but the next there was thunder and rain splattering all over the pavement around us. Several girls in front of us shrieked and sprinted to the parking garage.

We pushed our way under the roof of the building and headed towards the elevators. We pushed the button and a second later there was a buzz and the doors slid open. We climbed inside the cart with a couple other girls and had to wait a minute before we finally made it to our level. My mom’s old Mazda CX 7 was in the same spot we left it and we climbed inside.

Adriana got behind the wheel and I climbed into the passenger seat while Sarah sat in the back with Taylor. Sarah made useless babble as we pulled out of the parking garage and onto the street. We hit traffic dead on, as the signing was coming to a close. After being tired of practically crawling, Adriana made a sharp right at the nearest stop light.

“Whoa, Adge! Where are you going?” I half shouted as the car screeched down the nearly deserted road.

She looked at me, but kept her voice low so Taylor and Sarah wouldn’t hear. “That girl,” She said, looking at Sarah in the rear-view mirror. “Hasn’t shut up since we left the signing and besides, this is faster.”

I shook my head and lay my head against the window and closed my eyes. The soft music flowing out of the speakers helped me relax. I must’ve drifted off because the next thing I knew Adriana was swearing. “Dammit!” She said, slapping the wheel and resting her head in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, looking out the window and stretching my neck out. We were on a road I didn’t recognize and it was pouring rain outside. Large drops hit the windshield and the whole car was filled with the sounds of the rain smashing against the vehicle. Everything blurred together outside and Adriana pulled out her cell phone and checked it.

“Shit...” She spat and tossed her phone on the dashboard.

“What?” I asked again. She didn’t look at me so I reached over and shook her shoulders.

She mumbled something that I didn’t understand and I slapped her arm. She jerked up and said, “We’re out of gas.”

I groaned and leaned back against the seat.

“What do you mean we’re out of gas?” Sarah asked, sticking her head in between us. Adriana glared at her but pointed to the little gas light. Sarah wailed loudly and flopped back against her seat.

“When did we last pass a gas station?” Taylor asked, trying to act like we weren’t lost, and out of gas.

“We didn’t.” Adriana said bitterly. I couldn’t see much outside but I could tell that we were pretty far from civilization. We were on some deserted corner. I pulled out my cell phone. “I already tried. No bars.”

“Shit.” I said, shoving my phone back into my pocket. “Well I guess we’re just gonna have to walk until we find a gas station.”

Sarah started to say something but one look from me, Adriana and Taylor shut her right up. We climbed out of the car into the pouring rain, as lightning cracked overhead. I jumped and Taylor smiled half-heartedly. I grabbed my camera bag and shoved our signed pictures and phones inside. I shucked off my One Direction sweatshirt and wrapped my camera bag in it.

We made sure we had everything valuable and Adriana locked the car up with a definitive click. I shivered and then we looked towards the long stretch of road in front of us. It was dark outside and I could hardly see. I was already soaked, my hair sticking to my face and neck and my clothes becoming uncomfortable and rubbing against my skin.

As we were walking, we tried to keep up conversation to occupy ourselves, but that only lasted for about five minutes before thunder began crackling overhead and drowning out our words. We all fell silent and trudged along the road solemnly. Every once in a while, lightning would strike, illuminating the area and giving us a faint glance at the road.

There wasn’t much to see. It was literally just a road that led to nowhere. I’d never been in this part of DC before, and I wasn’t even sure how it was possible for there to be nothing. I replayed the concert in my head as we walked, softly humming to myself to keep from strangling Adriana and her horrible choice to go the other way.

We walked for what felt like hours before we saw the headlights. Well at least, we saw the illuminated road ahead of us. Taylor gasped and we all cheered. I turned to see the lights and stepped into the road, waving my arms in the air to get the drivers attentions. I couldn’t see the car, only the beams of light.

The car came to a stop in front of us and I jogged around to the side of the car. The driver climbed out and popped open a large black umbrella. He was handsome and tall, with long black hair and bright blue eyes. He regarded me curiously, nibbling on his lip.

“Hi sir, I’m very sorry to bother you. But our car broke down a while back and we really need a ride.” My eyes were pleading I knew, but something flashed in man’s eyes. Pity, maybe.

“Look miss, I really wish I could help you but,” He started to say. “This is a rather odd situation.”

I must’ve looked confused because he sighed and looked back at the car, going over to the door and opening it, poking his head inside. I stood there dripping wet while he had a hushed conversation with whoever else was in the car. I looked back to Taylor, Adriana and Sarah who had stayed off to the sidewalk. Taylor gave me a look as if to say, well? and I shrugged, exasperated.

The driver turned back to me and was about to say something when someone else behind him asked, “What is going on?”

The voice sounded very, very familiar. “This young lady and her friends need a ride. Her car broke down.” The driver said, turning back to whoever had spoken.

That was when a mop of curly hair poked his head up from the back. My eyes widened in surprise and Harry blinked a few times. He looked a little startled to see me standing there. He narrowed his eyes in concentration before recognition flared in the depths of his eyes. “Allie? Right?”

I opened my mouth but no sound came out, so I just nodded. I shook my hair out of my face when it stuck to my cheek. Niall’s head popped up next to Harry’s and he grinned at me. “Hello, love.”

“Hi,” I said. “My friends and I really need a ride. We’ve been walking for a while and our car broke down and our cells have no service because of this storm.”

Niall and Harry shared a look before turning to look in the backseat. Harry gnawed on his lip and turned his green eyes back to me. “It’ll be a little crammed. Is that alright?”

“Yes, its fine,” I sighed in relief, waving at the others. They began moving towards the car quickly. “Thank you so much.” The door behind the driver opened and Harry sat back in his seat. The car sat eight people, two in the front and six in the back. There were two back rows and both were filled with the boys of One Direction.

Zayn slipped out of the back of the car and slid in next to the driver in the passenger seat. Harry and Niall shifted into the back with Liam and Louis, while I let the other girls slide into the car. I had this weird thing about always sitting behind the driver, so I was the last to slide in, cramming myself into the crowded vehicle.

“Where to, miss?” The driver asked, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

“We actually live in Maryland.” I said, rather sheepishly. The driver exchanged looks with one of the boys.

“Miss, that’s a really long drive...” The driver said, rubbing the back of his neck. Adriana and I exchanged a few glances and I bit my lip.

“Could you just drop us off at a hotel or something? I think I might be able to get us a room or something.” Adriana asked him. Adriana and the driver made arrangements and I sat there, trying to ignore the beads of water that dripped down my back.

Someone behind me tapped my shoulder and I twisted slightly to look into Niall’s bright blue eyes. “You can stay at our hotel, if you’d like. You know, spend the night in the hotel room and then call someone in the morning?”

I stared at him. “Uh...”

“Thank you so much!” Sarah said for me when nothing else came out of my mouth. I nodded numbly and turned back around. We drove in silence for a while, the only sounds in the car being the radio and the sounds of the rain hitting the car as we drove down the road.

“We’ll have to call someone to pick up the car,” I murmured to Adriana.

She nodded. “Call your mum when we get there.”

“I will,” I said. The rest of the drive was quiet and it wasn’t until we pulled up at the massive hotel, that I suddenly realized what was happening. We were staying with One Direction for the night. I shook off the thought as I climbed out of the car. They were just normal guys and we just normal girls and we just needed a place to stay for the night.

I jogged up the steps inside carefully, trying not to trip and break my neck. I stepped under the roof balcony and rung the water out of my clothes as best as I could, grimacing when long streams splattered against the pavement. The others soon joined me, the other girls also trying to ring the water out of their clothes.

When we were no longer dripping, we stepped into the hotel. I shivered at the cold air and we all huddled into the small elevator compartment. Zayn pressed a button and we rode up to the seventh floor quickly. We stepped out of the elevator and I followed the boys down the hall. Zayn and Liam stopped outside of the doors while Louis, Niall and Harry took one across the hall.

“This is our room,” Louis told us. “But we’ll give it to you for the night. We’ll stay with Liam and Zayn for the night.”

“Thank you again. It means a lot.” Taylor said to him, giving him a winning smile.

Louis grinned back at her. “It’s no problem. We’re just gonna go grab some clothes and you can have the room.”

“No problem,” Taylor assured him. Louis unlocked the door and pushed it open, revealing their room to my curious eyes.
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