Then I Met You

All Allie, Taylor and Adriana want to do is see their favorite band, One Direction. When they finally walk up to the table to meet the band, sparks start flying. Liam seems fascinated by Adriana's responsible, yet fun, personality. Louis has found his other half in Taylor, who is like him in every single way. Allie thinks that Niall is the one for her, but see's herself looking at Harry, and see's Harry looking back at her.


1. Meet and Greet

“I honestly don’t know why everyone in here is screaming. It’s not going to make the boys love them any more than all of the other girls in here.”

I chuckled and looked over at Adriana. We were standing in line behind dozens of screaming girls. Everywhere we looked, we could see camera's flashing. Me and three of my friends were at a meet and greet signing for the band One Direction. The concert had ended almost half an hour ago, but we were still in line waiting for our chance to meet them.

I was in the middle of staring into space when someone nudged my arm. “What?” I turned my head to look at my best friend, Taylor. She had a cute heart shaped face, with long tendrils of brown hair and sharp, cerulean blue eyes framed by dark lashes.

“You were staring off into space again. I asked you what you thought about the concert.” She said, taking a few steps forward as the line moved up.

“They sounded great live.” My other friend, Sarah, said. Her large green eyes were wide and her long blonde hair was slightly tangled from jumping all night. Her voice carried a unique lisp, considering she was half British and had braces.

“They were really good,” I said, nodding. I looked at Adriana. “What did you think, Adge?”

She smiled and ran her long fingers through her jet black hair. Adriana was half Chinese, but she looked full. She had gorgeous brown eyes and long, dark lashes. “I will sing along to What Makes You Beautiful every single time I hear it.” She laughed. Unlike the rest of us, she wasn’t that into the band but she came because we had an extra ticket.

After exchanging a quick glance, we both yelled-sang, “THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!” A few girls in front of us turned around and eyed us, clearly confused. We exploded into a fit of giggles, making Taylor smacked her face with her palm.

“I don’t know you people.” Sarah said loudly. The line moved up again, and I stepped forward, shaking out my throbbing feet. Up ahead of us a few girls started yelling about how cute Zayn Malik looked and I rolled my eyes. I yawned loudly, causing Adriana to look at me.

“Tired?” She asked, quirking a dark eyebrow.

“I always am after concerts.” I said, defensively. She smiled and shook her head. I pulled my sharpies out of my pocket along with the note I had planned on giving Niall Horan. Of all the guys in the band, I probably had the most in common with Niall, making him my favorite. The line continued moving up, and I could just barely make out the end of the table where One Direction sat.

I tried to control my breathing and a security guard handed all of us a picture of the band to sign. I pulled my professional camera out of its case and snapped a few pictures of the girls. We slowly moved up until we could see the boys full on. They had to get two tables, because the five of them couldn’t all fit at one table.

Zayn Malik sat on the far right of us, being the first one of the boys we reached. He had deeply tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. His dark hair was quiffed the way it always was. He smiled at the four of us and he quietly signed our pictures and took the time to take a picture with each of us. We thanked him and hurried on as a security guard ushered us to Louis Tomlinson.

His long brown hair hung in its normal way across his forehead and his blue eyes peeked up at us from underneath his fringe. He gave all of us a happy smile and winked at Taylor, making her face flush. He signed our pictures and graciously took pictures with us. After Adriana and Sarah had finished their pictures with Louis, I walked around the table to him.

Louis’ arm was warm around my waist and I grinned like a fool at Taylor, who was lining the shot up. “Thank you so much, Louis!” I said, taking the camera from Taylor and moving out of her way so she could pose with him. Taylor was eighteen, as were Sarah and Adriana. I was the youngest, at only seventeen. Adriana however, would be nineteen in June.

“No problem, love!” He said to me and then addressed Taylor, half shouting-half singing. “Hello there!”

“HI!” She said in the same sing-song pitch he’d used. He only grinned in response. I held up the camera and looked at them through the eye hole. Louis leaned over towards her slightly and she flushed. He stuck his tongue out and crossed his eyes as Taylor continued to smile. I snapped the picture and smiled at them.

“Thank you, Louis,” Taylor told him, giving him a quick hug. He tugged on her wrist and held his hand over her ear as he whispered something to her. She blushed again and waved goodbye as she scurried over to me.

“What did he say to you?” I asked her as I held up the camera for Adriana as she posed with Liam Payne. She blushed again, but stayed quiet.

“Wait!” Liam said, as he flicked his hair out of his eyes and shifted slightly behind Adriana. His arm snaked around her back and grinned again. “Alright then, love!”

I snapped the picture as Adriana hugged him and Taylor and I made our way to him. She took the camera from me and we each posed with Liam. After my picture and hugged him. “You guys were amazing tonight. I hope you all stay together for a long time.”

“Thanks, love.” He said, and I walked over to Harry Styles. He was making chatty conversation with Sarah as she leaned way too close to him. He signed my picture and looked up and caught my eyes. God, I thought, his eyes cannot be that green. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. Harry ran his hand through his thick hair and pushed it out of his eyes.

“I believe a picture has been asked for?” He said, nodding to the girls. Sarah nodded and shuffled around the other side of the table to stand next to him. Harry was probably a head taller than she was. Sarah stood a little too close and stuck her breasts out a little too far. Harry seemed awkward when she winked at him as she walked away.

I rounded the corner to stand by Harry, I handed the camera to Taylor. “Hi,” I murmured, a little shyly. “It’s really nice to meet you. The concert was amazing as always.”

Harry smiled and wrapped an arm tight around my waist. His hand spread warmth in every place he touched. I wrapped my own arm around his back and turned to the camera. The camera went off and I turned back to Harry. “Thank you so much. It was very nice to meet you. Good luck with the rest of your tour and I hope all goes well for you.”

He smiled and hugged me. “Thank you, love. That means a lot. Stay beautiful.” Harry said into my ear. I had to restrain myself from shivering at his breath on my ear. We broke apart and I smiled at him and thanked him yet again. Before I could walk away Harry grabbed my wrist and asked, “Wait, what’s your name?”

I was a little confused but smiled and said, “Allie.” I turned and rounded the table again, taking a deep breath and following the others. I took a deep breath and made my way over to the only person left. The only person in this whole room that could spontaneously turn me into a pile of mush. The only person I was especially nervous to meet.

Niall Horan.

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