Fall Fairytale

In this story the main character Joy, is a run is a 19 year old girl that ran away form her old boyfreien that cheated on her. when she found out what he did, she tried to break up with him but he beat her, so she no longer trusts boys/men, but when she stumbles upon Louis Tomlinson will she change her mind that not all boys are bad? You'll have to read to find out.


2. Who What When Where

                                                     LOUIS'S P.O.V

                          There is a beautiful girl asleep in my arms, I don't know her name, what do I do? "Lou, bring her into the car," Liam said "so we can bring her back to our house, and maybe take her to the doctor." "Zayn, check to see if she has an I.D. in her book bag." I say. "No all clear of I.Ds" Zayn says.


                                                 ZAYN'S P.O.V

                          I looked in her bag and there was a million pictures; pictures of beautiful beach seens, peaceful meadows, amazing fall leaves, and one of her and this boy. The back of the pic of her and the boy was sticky. I turned it around and it had four bloody finger prints on it. "Um lads," I say "I think we need to get her out of here... "


(Three Hours Later)             

                                                JOY'S P.O.V

                        I woke up. Where was I? Who were these boys? Where are they taking me? What are they going to do to me? Did they do anything to me already? Are they nice? Questions like these rolled in my head until a sweet voice said "Are you okay? My name is Louis, I am so so sory I hit you with my car love. Can you tell me what your name is?'" "Urm... My name is... Joy. Where am I going?"

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