Fall Fairytale

In this story the main character Joy, is a run is a 19 year old girl that ran away form her old boyfreien that cheated on her. when she found out what he did, she tried to break up with him but he beat her, so she no longer trusts boys/men, but when she stumbles upon Louis Tomlinson will she change her mind that not all boys are bad? You'll have to read to find out.


1. Not so lonley road

                                                     JOY'S P.O.V.

      " I am so alone, but i'm glad. What Mark did to me was not right. Well, maybe I should go back to him, he is the only person that will ever love me. Look at me I am so small, There is nothing beautiful about me. No No No! I have to stop thinking Like this. All I need right now is myself, and to pay atention,Who knows what kind of crazy drivers could be driving on this road."  BANG!


                                                   LOUIS'S P.O.V.

     "Shoot! Did I just hit  person?" I said out loud. "Well, you hit some thing!" Niall yelled at me. I walked out of the car and sure enough, there was a girl laying on the side of the road, not moving! "Dangit" I thought to myself. Liam came out of the car. "Lou, what did you do!? Check to make sure that she is still breathing!" "And not dead." Harry added. I checkede her pulse, she didn't have one. "She has no pulse!" I yelled "Give her CPR and mouth to mouth!" Zayn shouted. I did she woke up but she looked more confused then I was. "My name is Louis," I said "are you okay?" She looked at me, her eyes were beautiful. they looked like a fresh rich cup of coffee with green spokes. Then she said "Yes.", and passed out in my arms. 


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