So Much

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1. I Felt it Then

I look up at him,  if only he knew how I felt and I wonder if he knows my heart
is true. I put my head down like I am not even there as if I am sitting in the
middle of no where.

I look up at her, she probably doesn't feel the same why do I have to be so
lame. I tilt my head foward  and just look down and then the corners of my mouth
form into a frown.
Why can't her eyes stare lovingly into mine? Why can't our hands be perfectly

He probably only likes another. he probably has another lover.If I look up again
I will only feel shame he probably thinks that all I say is lame.

Do I bother to make myself worse. Loving her is a blessing and a curse. I look
up again and to my surprise I see those beautiful blue eyes.

I looked up again and he is staring at me right on sink we both can see.
The love of how we stare at each other and how I know He has no other lover.

Right there, just then I fell for him hard. And it felt like the world is ours.
His golden brown eyes sparkle in the glare of the sun, oh yes he is the only one

I felt it right there, right then.  Oh how I wished that would happen again. 
Her blue eyes stare right into mine and she doesn't look away. I dare not move
for I want her stay.

The world stops it is just us but it is interrupted by the noises of hush. We
both turn our heads and I start to blush.

I almost scream after her come back I love you so much. I hold it all in with
out a word if only my heart could be heard.

His eyes just gave me a special touch

I fell for her

I fell for him, oh so much


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