The Path to Choose

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  • Published: 24 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 24 Feb 2013
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A girl named Haley has had trouble her whole life with everything. Her life only seems to be getting worse, and she doesn't know how to turn it around. Will she turn it around? If so, how?


5. Tear stains

I stared at the lady for a minute.  My mom had never mentioned any sisters.  As far as I knew I had no aunts or uncles.  Yet here she sat, with who I could only assume was her husband.  She had blonde hair with tan skin.  She wore jeans and a nice blouse.  Her husband had brown hair and was really tan.  He looked like he spent most of his time in the sun.

"Wendy," The lady turned to my mom again.  "did you not tell your children about me at all?  Oh, and where's Timothy?  I haven't seen him."

My moms face went blank, and it looked like she was about to cry.  I know the mention of his name made me want to cry.  Apparently Mom hadn't told her sister about what had happened.  I doubted she had ever told anyone.  My parents pretended like they'd never had a son.  It was like he had just fallen off of the planet. 

"Clare," my mom said, her voice sounding strained.  "can I talk to you in the kitchen?"  

My aunt looked over at her husband who raised his eyebrows.  It was obvious they had no idea what was going on.  She got up and followed my mom out of the room, leaving me alone with my dad and uncle.  We sat there in silence, avoiding eye contact with each other. The silence was starting to grow awkward.  I didn't really know what to do.  I just sat therem twiddling my thumbs.  

"I'm Jim by the way." The man said, breaking the silence for a  minute.

I nodded at him.  "Hi, Jim."

I sat there on the recliner, trying to hear what my mother was telling my aunt.  I didn't have to listen though.  I already knew what she would be telling her.  She blamed me for everything.  For letting something happen to Timothy.  She had never bothered to ask me what really happened.  She just went by what the police had told her.  What she didn't realize is I cried about it every night before I went to bed.  

"Jim," my aunt said coming into the room. "I think it's time we go.  Nice meeting you, Haley." She said, barely glancing my way.  Jim got up and followed her to the front door.  He glanced back at me, a curious twinkle in his eye.  I heard the door slam and a car pulling out of the drive way. 

I sat there for a minute, not saying anything.  I was still setting in the recliner.  Dad was setting on the couch, and Mom was standing in the doorway.  I stood and looked over at my mom.

"What did you tell her?" I asked, my voice cracking. 

My mom looked at me for a second.  It was the first time she'd looked me in the eyes in years.  "I told her the truth."

"That's a lie.  You don't know the truth."

"I know perfectly well-"

"No you don't!" I said, my voice rising.  "You don't know what happened at all!"  I stormed past her, running up the steps.  I wanted to make it to my room before I started to cry.  I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of seeing me in that state.

"You ruined our lives!" She called up the steps.  "You took our baby boy!"  

I slammed my bedroom door, tears streaming down my face.  My parents hated me for something I didn't even do.  They needed someone to blame for their son's death, and since I was there when it happened, they blamed me.  I ran over to my bed.  I was starting to sob now.  They didn't understand at all.  I loved Timothy more than anyone.  I missed him more than they did.  

It was hard for me to talk about what had happened the night of his death.  It's still hard for me to talk about.  I had never told anyone what really happened to Timothy.  He asked me not to.  That was the last promise I ever made to him, and I wasn't about to break it.  

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