The Path to Choose

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  • Published: 24 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 24 Feb 2013
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A girl named Haley has had trouble her whole life with everything. Her life only seems to be getting worse, and she doesn't know how to turn it around. Will she turn it around? If so, how?


17. Making plans

When my father and I had finished talking a few minutes later, we got up and went back into the living room.  Jake and my mom were setting on the couch, but when we came into the room, my mom got up and went into the kitchen.  My dad patted me on the back and gave Jake a skeptical look, and then he followed her.  I waited until he was out of the room before I walked over to the couch.  I sat down beside Jake, and asked him what they had talked to him about.  He told me they had asked him what had happened, but he assured me that he hadn't told them everything I had told him.  All he had said to them was that he had found me crying and he had offered to walk me home.  

He paused for a minute. 

"What?" I asked, wanting to know everything that had happened.  

"Well.. I may have mentioned you coming over sometime."

I stared at him blankly.  "Why did you do that?" My voice squeaked as I said the words.

"I- I don't know." He said kind of startled.  "I- I just thought maybe it would be a good thing to ask.  You know, maybe get me some points with your parents."

"Some points?  What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know.  Make them like and respect me a little I guess.  It's not like I want them to hate me."

"Why do you assume I want to come over, Jake?"

I saw him flinch, and the pain in his eyes were evident.  "Well.. I mean.. you said..." He looked away from me and down at the floor.  

"Hey, look, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to hurt you. It's just.. I think that made my dad like you even less."

"Why?"  He looked back up at me, his eyebrows scrunched together.

"He doesn't like the thought of a boy liking me I guess."  The thought seemed a little weird to me.  This whole day seemed weird.  I went to school this morning with parents who didn't even acknowledge I existed. Now, they were concerned and trying to take an interest in my life.  

"That makes sense."  Jake said, pulling me back into reality.  "Dad is the same way with Lauren."  I remember him telling me once that his older sisters name was Lauren.  

We talked a minute more or two about the rest of what had happened.  I heard Jake's phone ring, and he dug in his pocket to get it out.  He answered the phone, and I heard him say he was at my house.  When he hung up the phone, he told me that his mom was coming to get him.

About that time, my dad walked into the room, a look of scrutiny on his face.

"When?" He said using his deep voice that could intimidate anyone.  He was looking at Jake.

Jake didn't look affected by my father at all.  "She's on her way now, sir." He said simply. 

"Not that, boy.  I've thought about what you said, and I want to know when Haley is going to your house."

Jake blinked a couple of times, taking in what my father had just said.  "Um..  Whenever is best for you, sir."

My dad nodded and looked at both of us.  "You two decide when and let me know."  He gave us one last look and walked back out of the room.  

I stared a the doorway for a minute.  Dad had come out of nowhere, and he had simply left as abruptly as he came.  When I turned back to Jake, he was looking at me expectantly.

"So." he said, smiling a little.  "When do you want to come over?  If you still want to?"

I shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

"Well... how about tomorrow?"


"Well, yeah.  Are you doing anything?"


"So how about it?"

"Shouldn't you ask your parents first?

"Nah. They won't mind."

"Well.. okay. Yeah.  That sounds fine."

"Great." He said, smiling at me.  He looked out of the window.  "Well, my mom's here.  I'll see you tomorrow."  He gave me another smile and got up off of the couch.  

I walked him to the door, and waved goodbye to him.  

~Hey there! So this story is almost over.  Thank you all so much for reading it! It wasn't the best story, but I just needed to write something.  You all are amazing! Once again thank you all so much for reading and for your support.  Your likes and comments mean the world to me!  I love you all!~

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