The Path to Choose

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  • Published: 24 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 24 Feb 2013
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A girl named Haley has had trouble her whole life with everything. Her life only seems to be getting worse, and she doesn't know how to turn it around. Will she turn it around? If so, how?


7. A rainy day

I woke up around 3 in the morning, feeling sore and achy.  Mom or Dad hadn't come in to turn the TV off any time during the night so I turned it off and made my way upstairs.  I went into my room, flinging myself down on the bed.  I rolled over and grabbed my alarm clock, setting it for 6 o'clock  to wake me up for school.  I buried myself in the covers and pulled my knees up to my chest.  I closed my eyes and feel asleep within minutes, dreams starting to swirl.

I had a weird dream that I didn't really like.  Jake was in it, and for some reason I was closer to them than I had ever planned.  Not in a physical way, but in a mental way.  We were setting at my lunch table, and I was telling him everything that had ever bothered me.  I saw myself start to cry, and Jake reached over and swiped the tear away.  He rested his hand on my, and the weird thing was, I didn't pull away. I looked over at him and gave a small smile.  Not a fake smile, but a smile I actually meant.  He got up and walked over to the side of the table I was setting on.  He sat down beside me and wrapped me in a hug.  

My alarm clock woke me up before anything else happened in the dream.  I was mad at myself for what had happened in the dream.  Jake was a guy I had met just the other day.  Why on earth would that ever happen?  I reminded myself it was just a dream dragged myself out of bed.  I went over to the window, opening my curtains.  It was dark and rainy outside, but still beautiful.  

I walked into my bathroom, getting ready for my day.  My hair was frizzy from all of the humidity so I decided to braid it today.   I went over to my dresser and decided I would wear a long sleeve shirt since it was cold and raining.  I chose a dark red long sleeve with some black jeans.  I pulled on some socks and walked downstairs.  I didn't see Mom or Dad so I figured they weren't up yet.  I pulled on my black converse shoes and put on my jacket. Pulling the hood up over my head, I grabbed my book bag and walked out of the house.

I walked to school every morning so the rain didn't bother me.  I'd walked through much worse.  I kept my head down and watched the sidewalk as I walked.  Water was starting to collect.  I figured there would be a little flooding from this storm.  I walked for a little longer until I finally made it to the school.  Nobody was outside today.  They would all be gathered in the gym until it was time to go to class.

I didn't bother going to the gym, I just went straight to my locker and got my books.  About the time the bell rang, I was shutting my locker and walking to my first class of the day.  I was the first on in the room, and I sat in the back like I did in every class.  I took notes and listened to what the teacher had to say, but as soon as the dismissal bell rang, I jumped up and walked out of the classroom.  The next class was much like the first and so was the one after that.  

Before my last class of the day, I had lunch.  I went to the cafeteria and got a tray.  We had spaghetti, which I didn't mind.  I thought the spaghetti I made was better, but the school's wasn't bad.  I walked over to a table with only two chairs and sat down.  I looked around at everyone in the room.  I looked back down at my tray, feeling mad at myself  about looking for Jake.  

I ate my lunch and emptied my tray.  When I was back at the tiny lunch table, I pulled out my books and finished my homework for the day.  The teacher from my last class never gave us homework so I always finished my homework at school.  I hadn't brought any home in years.  The only time I ever did something school related at home was if we had a report to do or something.

The bell rang that dismissed us from lunch, and I went to my last class of the day.  I walked in the classroom and was stunned by what I saw.  Jake was setting in the desk he had set in the other day, looking down at a paper.  I walked over to ,y desk and sat down.  

"Well, hey there." Jake said giving me a big smile.

"Hey." I said glancing over at him.  "Where were you earlier?"

"Why?" He asked, his face looking smug.  "Did you miss me?"

I sneered at him.  "No.  I was just wondering."  I turned away from him and looked to the front on the room.  The teacher was already talking, explaining something I already knew about.  I opened one of my notebooks and started doodling on a page.

"Hey." Jake whispered, glancing sideways at me.  

I looked over at him.  "What?" I whispered back.

"Don't feel bad about missing me.  I missed you too."

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